Friday, May 29, 2009


My son and I spent the last week up at the Whiting Homestead in the White Mountains with my mother-in-law Myrna. It was beautiful. The weather was gorgeous--much more gorgeous than the suppressing heat of the Valley of the Sun. The squirrells, chipmunks, and robins were adorable up on the porch of the cabin. We had hot chocolate every morning and a delicious breakfast to start out our days. We wore jackets, looked for bugs, played with frisbees, watched movies, read books, and just generally had a great time.

The more time I spend with my son, the more I'm seeing that he's entering a phase where he remembers what he wants longer than he used to, and he wants things he likes repeated OVER and OVER and OVER again. For example, he used to want me to read him 20 different books--now he wants me to read him his favorite book 20 times. It's awful! On our car ride home from the cabin today, all of Tyson's waking moments on the 4 HOUR LONG drive were focussed on COWS. Holy Cow, was I sick of looking for cows after about 10 minutes. He was so excited & so cute saying hi and bye to the cows and mooing at them as we passed them, but then I realized as we left the area of cows and he started whining for more cows that I was in for a long ride. Poor kid. Poor me. : ) I was grateful for the 30 seconds of repreive every time we passed a new pasture with cows or horses in it. There were very long stretches where I knew there would be no cows at all, and found it was easier to lie and say, "I don't know where they are, but let's keep looking for them!" The moment he thought there were no more cows at all on the car ride was the moment he began reacting like it was the end of the world. Luckily he fell asleep for a while, but then again in Payson as he was eating his snacks and drinking his juice he saw the landscape and began shouting "Cows!" all over again. He's so cute, but boy am I glad that car ride is over. : )