Thursday, August 28, 2008

Playing in the Rain

There was an amazing storm tonight. Tyson is not used to rain, so he was both scared and excited to be around it. He was only happy when he was immediately next to me. I decided to take him out in the rain for a second--his smile is so cute!
The sky was pouring cats and dogs! Tyson has seen rain & snow before, but he was smaller. This was really the first time he got to experience playing while the rain drops poured down all around us.
"Whew! That was fun!" This picture is of Tyson recovering from his expedition in the rain...if you can't tell, his hair is wet. : )

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mitchell the Stud

I just need to say how amazing my husband is. He cleaned out the fridge tonight. You know, it's almost been 4 years of marriage, and he is still surprising me! Not only did he throw away old items from the fridge, he wiped it down with a rag & 409, too. : ) If this isn't true love, I don't know what is!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is it time for a hair cut?

Mom, your idea of fun is my idea of cruel and unusual!
We came over to the Borden's for Sunday dinner tonight and to see Kit & Felicia. My mother-in-law, Myrna, is having chemotherapy treatments, and so she has a wig. During the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, she took the wig off & set it on the arm of the couch. Tyson looked at it like it was an animal and touched it hesitantly. It was so hilarious. Because he was already a little nervous about the wig, he thought it was pure torture when we put it on his head. Haha! Myrna and I got a good laugh out of it.

Nash's party

Tyson was just chillin' out while we were shopping for Nash's gift. Wouldn't that be nice? Could you imagine running errands all day while being waited on hand and foot? Where are the grapes?
Mitch & Tyson...surrounded!
Left to right: Tyson, D-Jo, Peter, Parker, Denise, Meghan, Devin, Ryan
These are my friends, Denise, Meghan, & Stacy. I love them to death! We taught 2nd grade together last year. Meghan calls me a traitor, because I moved to 6th grade. It's a low jab--I know--but the truth is, they're better at 2nd grade than I am! I learned so much from all of them last year; it was awesome. They have affected my life more than they will ever know (in a good way). : ) Denise's son Parker is in the background. Stacy's son is Nash & it was his party. Stacy & I were pregnant at the same time when I was student teaching & subbing. Nash is just about a month younger than Tyson. Stacy & Timmy held the party at their beautiful, new home in Queen Creek. Fun times! We were missing Josh & Heather. Brandi came, too, but left before I could get a snapshot.
Tyson: "Happy birthday, Nash...would you still be my friend if I swiped your cake?"

Tyson & Nash - Saturday 8/23

Nash: "Hey, Tyson, come check out my house!"
Tyson: "Stairs! Cool!"

Tyson: "Slow down, Turbo!"

Nash: "Just hurry, before we get caught! Should I open it?"

Nash: "What should we do now? Play in the toilet?"

Tyson: "Oh, fooey! Can't now, because my mom is watching."

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Campus Luau

On Thursday night, after curriculum night, I met up with Mitch at the William's Campus Luau. Bro. Thompson was there with his cute baby Brigham. Brigham didn't like the flash of the camera...poor little guy. Bro. Thompson is one of the few people Tyson would feel comfortable with at church. Bro. Thompson would hold Tyson when he was smaller & walk the halls. It helped so much when I was in the Primary Presidency, and when Mitch was teaching the Elder's Quorum. We're going to miss the Thompson's when we leave in September. Lori & Scott are a good example of kindness, unceasing service, and love.
My sister Erin is a CA. Housing put on a great Luau on Thursday night--complete with fire dancers, tiki torches, and delicious food. It was so worth stopping by! I told her that had I known the Luau would be so fabulous, I may not have bought tickets to Hawaii...just kidding, Lins!
One happy Luau family.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lindsay's visit from Hawaii

My best friend Lindsay has been home all summer, and she's going back to Hawaii next week. I'm so sad. Everytime she leaves I tell her that I'm happy for her and that I'm so proud of her, and while that's true, I just say it because it sounds better than lamenting. The honest truth is that I miss her so much when she leaves. She came over and helped me set up my blog and Facebook a few nights ago. She even checked my blog before I put up a post to thank her for it! So, here it is: Thanks, Lins! I love blogging! This is WAY easier than hand writing everything in my journal, and it's fun to read comments from others. Have fun in Hawaii this semester. I'm so proud of you for getting your degree. Maybe Mitch can follow in your shoes sometime soon! : )

Beautiful Bride!

Jenny Larson got married to Torrey Homer last week. They should be back from their Hawaii honeymoon by now. They are such a cute couple. Lindsay, Jenny, and I have been close friends since elementary school. If any of us needed each other for any reason, we'd be there, no questions asked. Jenny and Torrey chose to get married in the temple so that they can be sealed for time and all eternity. It was one of the most beautiful days I've experienced in a long time. I'm so lucky I got to be there to support Jenny. I love you, Jen & I'm proud of you!
How many more pictures are we going to take?!
The dinner party was AWESOME! Jenny's parents did a great job. The food was delicious, the dancing was fun, the toasts were heartfelt, and the company was outstanding.
"There's no way you're going to make me eat that, Cassie!"

Whiting Homestead Aug. 2008

Mitch entered the Thunderbolt contest! He got 32 thunderbolts in 1 minute. His 3x great grandfather saved a wagon train of pioneers from being trampled in a stampede by snapping the whip until the herd changed course inch by inch. After 1 minute of cracking thunderbolts, Mitch's arm was sore. It makes more sense now, to know that his g-g-g-grandpa Edwin's arm was swollen for days from the shoulder to the wrist. But, their lives were worth it.

Tyson's first ice cream cone...yes, he was eating it on his own!

This picture of Tyson with his blanket is a classic! This is his favorite blanket. I call him my "BABY LINUS." He chews on it, he holds it, he sleeps with it, and as you can see here, he doesn't let go of it when it's nearby...not even for a cookie!

Swimming Lessons!

Liz Zamora and I decided to enroll Tyson and Mia into swimming lessons at the William's Field pool in July. They loved it! For some reason, however, Tyson wouldn't blow bubbles in the water. I know he's mastered the skill, though, because he successfully blows bubbles in his cups of milk, juice, & water! Gotta love little boys! The swim class was awesome. Our teacher was named Christina, and when we showed up, we found out that Tyson's friends Ella and Lauren were enrolled, too. Fun times!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Taylor's Girlfriend

I just have to embarrass my little bro, Taylor, for a bit. He got a cell phone for the first time, yesterday, and the first picture he put on it was a lovely shot of his new "girlfriend", Shawn Johnson. If you're unaware, she's a little bit famous, winning a gold in the Beijing Olympics, and everything. I'm really happy for Shawn; she deserved a gold! I hoped she would win one all along. Anyway, Taylor is a little love struck. He's been practicing his diving skills at school...maybe when they meet someday, she'll fall in love, too! : )

Tyson turned 1 & Deej turned 24 on July 6th

Oh, yeah! I made this cake for Tyson! Go me! Actually...don't look too close, because believe it or not, there are flaws! However, it tasted okay, and everyone liked the way it looked, and Tyson loves Cookie Monster, so it worked great with our Sesame Street theme!
Singing Happy Birthday to a shy guy.
We were so excited the Sessions could make it! They have such a cute family: Terin, Sadie, Abigail, & Chris + a baby on the way!
I couldn't find the other pics of all of Tyson's friends that came : (, but there was Jayden, Chloe, Devin, Abigail & Nash, Sadie & Abigail S., and Tyson's dramatic & wonderful cousin, Caden! My family & Mitch's family came, plus my friends from school, the Horlacher's, the Barry's, the Mayhall's. Mike & Erin showed up, and so did Adam & Liz, James & Carly, the Tryon's, the Levi's, the Lovell's & the Souquet-brassands.
Come a little closer!

Lake Powell Post 3

My Mitch-Hubby totally rocks! He was surfing so well! I got up on a knee board for the first time in my life behind a wave runner! lol. But Mitch has had a little more experience than I, so he had tons of fun showing off! You're a hotty, Mitch!

Lake Powell Post 2

Watch out for the the creature emerging from the lake!
Thanks, Dad, for taking us to Powell! It was the highlight of the summer! Thanks, also to your awesome friends, the Davis'!
Heber, Jodi, Tyson
How long can you tread water?
It took a while to get used to, but the boat rides ended up lulling my baby to sleep. He LOVED the ski boat. Also, the houseboat taught him to walk better, because he had to learn how to keep balance on the water. Once we were off the water, he could practically run compared to how he used to walk!

Lake Powell 2008

Mr. Hebe's & Tyson Jax having a great time at the one of a kind, Navajo Code Talker's Burger King.
This one's my favorite! Don't you want to eat him up?
Me & Tyson
Playing in the mud!

My Aunt "Civil"

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."
--Preamble to the Declaration of Independence

This Spring, my Aunt Sylvia Allen was sworn in as a State Senator. What an honor it was to be there! I love our country and our state, and so does my "Aunt Civil-rights" as we call her. I don't know anyone who holds truth and freedom any closer to their heart & demonstrates it better than my Aunt Sylvia. She's doing a great job!

Homestead June 2008

Tyson's cheezy grin was a highlight for me at the Borden reunion!
Aunt Tina likes to spoil Tyson.
Hey! That looks good!

Mother's Day

Thanks, Tyson, for making me a mom! We had the best Mother's Day, ever! I love being a mom. I've never been happier in my entire life!
Tyson & his cuzin Max!
Pucker-up Katie!
4 generations! Grandma Carlene, Mom, Me, & Tyson