Thursday, February 26, 2009

God Crashed my Car

Well maybe the picture isn't quite how it happened but let me explain.
I (this is Mitch blogging for once) consider myself a pretty good driver. Despite my rearview mirror falling off I feel pretty confident behind the wheel. Well a little while back I was in a hurry leaving in the morning. (not an unusual phenomenon) I hopped in the truck and started backing out. Whoops have to dodge the trash can, check the left mirror, check the rearview mirror, oh wait it fell off last week. Check the right mirror. HOLLY COW where did that car come from. Hit the brakes, hit the car.
There has never been a car parked across the street. Turns out our neighbors neice and her husband just moved to AZ and were living with them while looking for employement and housing. Well I knocked on the door and gave them my number for when the neice and husband woke up. Now my insurance is going to go up, way to start a teribble no good very bad day.
Make an insurance claim, car gets worked on neighbor guy gets a rental, gets car back, I feel stupid and can't believe I backed into their car.
Come to find out while being picked up the rental company nephew guy talks to rental company worker. Nephew had applied at rental company which is getting flooded with applications. Worker guy put in a good word for nephew guy who's application is burried in a stack, gets him an interview. He gets the job. Answer to his prayers for a job. God made me crash to help him get a job. Now I expect God to help me with any increase in my insurance premium.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Playing at the Cinder Pit

Mitch really wanted to go to the snow, and today ended up being the best choice to go, because we all had work off. It's the first time in a long time that all of us kids have taken a picture together. We had a blast playing around in the snow today.
This was our whole snow-sledding & tubing crew. Karly came with us, which was really fun. Unfortunately, Mike couldn't make it, because he had classes all day today (in one of those, he had a 10 page paper due). While we understand his enslavement, we still missed him.

"COLD!" (It was Tyson's first time in the snow.)

Funny face!

Tyson took a while to warm up. Tubing scared him at first, but finally we convinced him that it was "playing" and he understood that, so he begun to put on a happy face. It was a great trip. Good idea, Hubbs!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Death by Chocolate

Is anyone else's hips suffering a death by chocolate? Well, mine are. I can already tell a difference from the last few days; how rude. Who ever said that love=chocolate? It's so unfortunate, because I do love chocolate, I also love Valentine's Day, I love it when my students bring me gifts & sweets, and I REALLY love it when Mitch sends me roses & chocolates at work.

However, I do not love the aftermath of the temptations--I haven't even finished the box of chocolates, but you don't have to, because one serving size is ONLY 2 pieces, which gets you a million calories & 6 fat grams. I have obviously eaten more than 2 pieces. Time to pull out my gazelle in the morning & work off the aftermath of our fabulous, yet evil, nation-wide chocolate day.

My Little Cardinal

My cute little Tyson was so cute walking around with his Cardinal's football & wearing Mitch's hat on the day of the Big Let Down. We just won't talk about the game, but we're allowed to remember how cute Tyson was. : )