Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Hard Not to Eat WAX, when...

Happy 28th B-Day, Mitch, (AKA: Hubbalicious!). I'm glad that it was Tyson's idea to give you birthday muffins with 28 candles in them...okay, fine, part of it was my idea, too & I admit that this was a good-idea gone BAD...what I'm really glad about, though, is that we finished singing before we had to pull out baking soda to stop a kitchen fire. LOL

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Caught Red-Handed

Perpetrator:  Emmett
Crime: Eating the food his mommy gave him...*sigh* (Note to self: NO MORE Chef Bouardee--it's not THAT nutritious or delicious anyway.)
Perpetrator: Mitchell
Caught: Folding laundry BEFORE work--and this is NOT a one time occurance, ladies--Hubby of the Year RIGHT HERE!

Perpetrator: Emmett
Caught with VASELINE, and rubbing it ALL OVER G-ma's couch.  *SIGH*  His shirt happened to read "Choose the Right" that day...obviously he chose Vaseline instead as it was all over his mouth, hands, hair, face, and clothes--we even called poison control just to be safe, and unfortunately there was nothing we could find to take the Vaseline out of the upholstery, so we had to flip the cushions over. : (

Perpetrator:  Tyson
Caught hiding his b-day cookie under the table & eating it BEFORE his birthday dinner.  Haha!

Perpetrators:  Jenny & Lindsay
Caught being AWESOME friends and taking me to lunch on my b-day
Perpetrator:  Tyson
Caught being my b-day buddy.  How I love it!

Perpetrator: My MOM
Caught making me a piano cake so that my birthday had something made special FOR ME so that it would feel like my birthday, too.

Perpetrators:  The WHOLE FAM
Caught looking ANYWHERE BUT the camera : )

Perpetrators: Dad, Mitch, Adam
Caught: Loading up luggage
In this picture, I really feel like I caught the light of Heaven shinning down as family and friends came to support Mike & Erin as they started a new journey together. 

Perpetrator: Carol
Caught making my baby boy happy & sending him home with a toy

Perpetrator: American citizens with patriotic hearts
Caught waving Old Glory over the highway by crane on the 4th of July weekend : )

Perpetrator: Uncle Les
Caught sharing the gospel with my Uncle Joel--it was a BEAUTIFUL, Spirit-filled weekend as we watched Joel enter the waters of baptism, and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost in his Confirmation--being there was a faith-promoting experience that I won't soon forget.

Perpetrators: Mike & Mitch
Caught joining the little kids' team to make it fair as all the kids taller than 4 feet were playing football against all the kids way shorter than 4 feet.  It was hilarious--after the guys joined them, I'm pretty sure ALL the kids within the mile joined up--the game got so BIG!

Perpetrators: Mitch, Deej, Lins, Scott
Caught being pseudo gangsters
I love it when people serve each other, and are found continually doing good works, and enjoying each other's company.  That's why I believe I have the best family and friends--they uplift and support each other in good times and bad.  They make my life worth living.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Top Five....

Some of our favorite moments with Tyson in the past month or so:

  1. A little while ago, we were driving to Sunday dinner at the Borden's, and we saw several different horses--which made for quite an exciting ride as Tyson exclaims joyfully with each animal he sees. Mitch asked Tyson, "Which is your favorite, the white horse or the brown horse? He paused for a minute and then responded, "Uh, cow is my fwavwit." (His tone kind of said, "Duh!")
  2. There was a day a few weeks ago where Tyson would repond to practically anything, "Wewl, I am twoo and I DON'T CARE!"
  3. Tyson and Emmett both got sick recently, and part of that included a disgusting booger nose. It seems we were constantly wiping their noses. The other day, I picked up Tyson, wiped his nose off (no questions asked), and for the next 3 minutes he cried his head off. Finally, I got him to use words instead of whining. This is what he said, "Mommy, give me my boogers back!!!!!" I thought--"You've got to be kidding me!" I simply couldn't keep a straight face.
  4. Earlier today, Mitch was making himself a burrito and Tyson decided, "Daddy, I want a cheese christmas!" (He meant cheese crisp, haha!)
  5. This one is so silly to me. We were leaving Hamilton Pool a few hours ago. Tyson had been stomping on tiny little ants when we first arrived. Apparently in defense of the ants when we grabbed our things to go, he grabbed a rock to mash them. We made it all the way to the car, and Tyson held up his mashing rock to me and said,

"Mommy! Look at the ant I killed!" I had to squint a little bit before I could see the tiny speck on the corner of the rock. "Wow!" I said. Climbing in, Tyson said, "Hold him! I want to take him wif."

Can you see the tiny speck in the corner? His (the ant) legs are aiming towards the ceiling.

This is probably the most serious accomplishment Tyson's ever had in defending himself against an insect of any sort. He cracks me up!

Thank Heaven for Little Boys! I don't think I've ever laughed harder than in the moments he comes up with something so random I could have never foreseen it. I love you, Tyson!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Heart Just Hurts

The past 2 months have been emotionally taxing in ways I couldn't have ever foreseen. Of course I've blogged my complaints about finances and medical stresses, and then came the deterioration of my 96 year old grandma's mortal body and her successant death. I can't believe how much I've missed her. I reflect on lessons I've learned from her probably daily. Then came Mitch's graduation--wonderful, but emotional, too. There have been so many changes. We've had marital conflict & growth, family conflict & growth, and individual conflict & growth. There was a visit from Kit & Felicia, and a Borden family reunion, and then my friend and adopted grandfather, Andrew Ferrante, passed on. I was lucky enough to get to make him Eggplant Parmeseana one last time. He's been gone 3 weeks now, and I feel a terrible emptiness. We had his funeral yesterday, which helps, but Andrew has left a serious hole in my heart that can't be filled. I loved him like my own grandfather (some pics are mixed in of him below). There was no one else like him. And to top it all off...come Monday....
Mike and Erin are moving to Washington D.C.. I hate that they're leaving. I've had so many close friends move away, which is hard enough in itself to say good-bye to them, but saying good-bye to a sister is so much worse, and difficult in a much different way. It's such a fantastic thing for them, and it's a promissing career opportunity (which is great for their future family), but I can't stand how extremely far it is. I miss living behind her on the ASU East Campus. I miss having Sunday dinners with her at Mom & Dad's, I miss spontaneous visits. I miss the way she tries to boss me around & how she tells me everything I should do to raise my kids--believe it or not, I really do regret not listening sooner to the thumb thing. Haha!
Erin if you're reading this, this next part is a good part about you, even if I don't express it right: The thing about Erin is that she has extremes in her personality, and she ALWAYS gets flack for it (don't worry, she knows how to dish the flack right back : ). Either she's all for something, or she's all against it, and one part of her that I'm going to miss is the variety of everything she is and even everything she isn't--she certainly has put up with me and everything I am, and am not. It adds color to all of our emotions, and spices up our family in ways that no one else can.

Erin has always been a great sister and friend to me and Jodi.

When I think of the bond of sisterhood that unites the characters in Little Women, I always cry because I feel like me and my sisters have that kind of a bond. Having a sister is a relationship unlike any other kind of relationship in this world. I'm so lucky to have 2 of them!

She taught Taylor everything he knows. Haha!

Here's a picture with Andrew when he and Diana took me & Mitch to the Atlantic Ocean at Pt. Pleasant Beach in New Jersey.

One of many times Andrew & Diana came to support us at the Easter Pageant. This was when we played Adam & Eve, and was the year Nicole was living with them.

Erin carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders--nothing's changed. : )

We had some of the best Halloween's. : )

As I look at this picture with my family, and the actor that played the Savior, I think about how the Lord's sacrifice makes it possible for us to all live together again. Erin might be parted with us by distance for a vast amount of time in this mortal life, but SOMEDAY, if we live worthily to make it to the Celestial kingdom of Heaven, we can be sealed forever with our families, I believe that in some sort of heavenly type of transportation that's fast, maybe I will be able to "think" my way over to Erin, and I won't have to save and save and save money to fly to her with a plane ticket, or travel 3 days by car just to visit in person. Oh, how I already long for that day.

Andrew looks great! I miss him!

This was right before the Pioneer Trek our Stake put on in 2004--Grandma Parham helped make our dresses.

This was taken on a Primary Activity Day about pioneers back in the day. : )

A relatively recent Halloween compared to the shot posted earlier.

I love this one! The family that makes silly faces together, stays together!

Mitch, D-Jo, Mike, Erin--this was taken before Mike's mission! Who would have known we'd end up as in-laws? I'm so glad he joined our family--he's so patient, kind, intelligent, friendly, genuine, and he loves Erin for who she really is. We'll miss you, Mike. You fit in effortlessly with our family. You're a great brother and friend to Mitch, Taylor, and Heber. After all of your adventures with Erin, don't forget to return home and retire near us, because I want to be able to hang out on a whim at your house again with you and Erin someday.

Erin, your "cup-cake" dress is symbolic of your personality--full of color and beauty, fun, energetic. Don't forget who you are, and don't forget us or where you came from. I hope you'll always be an Arizona girl at heart as you think about where home is. Enjoy yourself as you go share your light with the world! I love you!