Sunday, July 25, 2010

Caught Red-Handed

Perpetrator:  Emmett
Crime: Eating the food his mommy gave him...*sigh* (Note to self: NO MORE Chef Bouardee--it's not THAT nutritious or delicious anyway.)
Perpetrator: Mitchell
Caught: Folding laundry BEFORE work--and this is NOT a one time occurance, ladies--Hubby of the Year RIGHT HERE!

Perpetrator: Emmett
Caught with VASELINE, and rubbing it ALL OVER G-ma's couch.  *SIGH*  His shirt happened to read "Choose the Right" that day...obviously he chose Vaseline instead as it was all over his mouth, hands, hair, face, and clothes--we even called poison control just to be safe, and unfortunately there was nothing we could find to take the Vaseline out of the upholstery, so we had to flip the cushions over. : (

Perpetrator:  Tyson
Caught hiding his b-day cookie under the table & eating it BEFORE his birthday dinner.  Haha!

Perpetrators:  Jenny & Lindsay
Caught being AWESOME friends and taking me to lunch on my b-day
Perpetrator:  Tyson
Caught being my b-day buddy.  How I love it!

Perpetrator: My MOM
Caught making me a piano cake so that my birthday had something made special FOR ME so that it would feel like my birthday, too.

Perpetrators:  The WHOLE FAM
Caught looking ANYWHERE BUT the camera : )

Perpetrators: Dad, Mitch, Adam
Caught: Loading up luggage
In this picture, I really feel like I caught the light of Heaven shinning down as family and friends came to support Mike & Erin as they started a new journey together. 

Perpetrator: Carol
Caught making my baby boy happy & sending him home with a toy

Perpetrator: American citizens with patriotic hearts
Caught waving Old Glory over the highway by crane on the 4th of July weekend : )

Perpetrator: Uncle Les
Caught sharing the gospel with my Uncle Joel--it was a BEAUTIFUL, Spirit-filled weekend as we watched Joel enter the waters of baptism, and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost in his Confirmation--being there was a faith-promoting experience that I won't soon forget.

Perpetrators: Mike & Mitch
Caught joining the little kids' team to make it fair as all the kids taller than 4 feet were playing football against all the kids way shorter than 4 feet.  It was hilarious--after the guys joined them, I'm pretty sure ALL the kids within the mile joined up--the game got so BIG!

Perpetrators: Mitch, Deej, Lins, Scott
Caught being pseudo gangsters
I love it when people serve each other, and are found continually doing good works, and enjoying each other's company.  That's why I believe I have the best family and friends--they uplift and support each other in good times and bad.  They make my life worth living.