Sunday, February 15, 2009

Death by Chocolate

Is anyone else's hips suffering a death by chocolate? Well, mine are. I can already tell a difference from the last few days; how rude. Who ever said that love=chocolate? It's so unfortunate, because I do love chocolate, I also love Valentine's Day, I love it when my students bring me gifts & sweets, and I REALLY love it when Mitch sends me roses & chocolates at work.

However, I do not love the aftermath of the temptations--I haven't even finished the box of chocolates, but you don't have to, because one serving size is ONLY 2 pieces, which gets you a million calories & 6 fat grams. I have obviously eaten more than 2 pieces. Time to pull out my gazelle in the morning & work off the aftermath of our fabulous, yet evil, nation-wide chocolate day.