Friday, August 22, 2008

Beautiful Bride!

Jenny Larson got married to Torrey Homer last week. They should be back from their Hawaii honeymoon by now. They are such a cute couple. Lindsay, Jenny, and I have been close friends since elementary school. If any of us needed each other for any reason, we'd be there, no questions asked. Jenny and Torrey chose to get married in the temple so that they can be sealed for time and all eternity. It was one of the most beautiful days I've experienced in a long time. I'm so lucky I got to be there to support Jenny. I love you, Jen & I'm proud of you!
How many more pictures are we going to take?!
The dinner party was AWESOME! Jenny's parents did a great job. The food was delicious, the dancing was fun, the toasts were heartfelt, and the company was outstanding.
"There's no way you're going to make me eat that, Cassie!"