Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jodi's wish

Jodi wanted so bad just to see the gorillas. This was also an awesome exhibit, because it was massive! For quite a while the gorillas just showed us their back sides, but this one decided to come next to us. We were so astounded & began to take a picture. As we were snapping the photo, the gorilla turned her head to pose with Jodi! It was her San Diego dream come true!
This is going to sound gross at first, but bear with me: Poor Baby Tyson was a little constipated in the morning, so we fed him some prunes & juice. Much to our dismay we gave him WAY too much, and he had multiple blowouts AT Magic Mountain. (Thanks a lot, son.) He blew out so many times that we were out of clothes, and out of a stroller (YUCK). Luckily, Gotham City had baby clothes & we bought him the cutest Batman outfit ever--complete with the cape. I told him that next time if he wants something new to wear, that he should just tell me.
Can you believe it? 18 years old, and she'd never driven a Go-Cart. See her posing for the camera? Yeah--that's why I was freaked out! Gotta love Jodi--her priorities are straighter than mine! Looking good for the camera is what lasts...not the sheer terror of rounding a corner full speed, oh, no, that is over. (You know I love you, Jod!)