Friday, August 22, 2008

Whiting Homestead Aug. 2008

Mitch entered the Thunderbolt contest! He got 32 thunderbolts in 1 minute. His 3x great grandfather saved a wagon train of pioneers from being trampled in a stampede by snapping the whip until the herd changed course inch by inch. After 1 minute of cracking thunderbolts, Mitch's arm was sore. It makes more sense now, to know that his g-g-g-grandpa Edwin's arm was swollen for days from the shoulder to the wrist. But, their lives were worth it.

Tyson's first ice cream cone...yes, he was eating it on his own!

This picture of Tyson with his blanket is a classic! This is his favorite blanket. I call him my "BABY LINUS." He chews on it, he holds it, he sleeps with it, and as you can see here, he doesn't let go of it when it's nearby...not even for a cookie!