Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nash's party

Tyson was just chillin' out while we were shopping for Nash's gift. Wouldn't that be nice? Could you imagine running errands all day while being waited on hand and foot? Where are the grapes?
Mitch & Tyson...surrounded!
Left to right: Tyson, D-Jo, Peter, Parker, Denise, Meghan, Devin, Ryan
These are my friends, Denise, Meghan, & Stacy. I love them to death! We taught 2nd grade together last year. Meghan calls me a traitor, because I moved to 6th grade. It's a low jab--I know--but the truth is, they're better at 2nd grade than I am! I learned so much from all of them last year; it was awesome. They have affected my life more than they will ever know (in a good way). : ) Denise's son Parker is in the background. Stacy's son is Nash & it was his party. Stacy & I were pregnant at the same time when I was student teaching & subbing. Nash is just about a month younger than Tyson. Stacy & Timmy held the party at their beautiful, new home in Queen Creek. Fun times! We were missing Josh & Heather. Brandi came, too, but left before I could get a snapshot.
Tyson: "Happy birthday, Nash...would you still be my friend if I swiped your cake?"