Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tyson turned 1 & Deej turned 24 on July 6th

Oh, yeah! I made this cake for Tyson! Go me! Actually...don't look too close, because believe it or not, there are flaws! However, it tasted okay, and everyone liked the way it looked, and Tyson loves Cookie Monster, so it worked great with our Sesame Street theme!
Singing Happy Birthday to a shy guy.
We were so excited the Sessions could make it! They have such a cute family: Terin, Sadie, Abigail, & Chris + a baby on the way!
I couldn't find the other pics of all of Tyson's friends that came : (, but there was Jayden, Chloe, Devin, Abigail & Nash, Sadie & Abigail S., and Tyson's dramatic & wonderful cousin, Caden! My family & Mitch's family came, plus my friends from school, the Horlacher's, the Barry's, the Mayhall's. Mike & Erin showed up, and so did Adam & Liz, James & Carly, the Tryon's, the Levi's, the Lovell's & the Souquet-brassands.
Come a little closer!