Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's the Place I reach for Heaven, and it Reaches in Return

Our family loves to look at the Gilbert Temple.  Whenever we drive by, Emmett is usually the very first one to say something about it.  We're almost always a mile and a half or two miles away and he yells something like, "I'm the first one to see the Angel Moroni!  And the first one to see the Gilbert Temple!  And the first one to see the crane!"  I love that kid! He's always so excited about it that it keeps me excited!  It definitely feels like "OUR" Gilbert Temple, and sometimes we drive right up next to it, even if it's out of the way, because the boys ask if we can go see it.  How can you say no to that? 

On Sunday, I had some extra time...which is NOT a usual thing on a Sunday, and I didn't want to be at my house because the kids were already loaded in the car, so we decided to go for a drive before family dinner and we wound up in front of the Gilbert Temple--directly across the street by the school.  Emmett had actually zonked out and Miles was asleep, too, so Tyson and I just sat there talking looking at the beautiful ediface.  The trees are out and the windows are almost all in, and it felt great to just look up and think about Heaven.  As we sat and talked about the temple, Tyson was very reverent and pensive and it touched my heart when he tried to explain what he felt.  He said:

"The temple is like a church, but it's different, and there's more Spirit there."

Then we talked about why there's a stronger Spirit there and that it's only in a temple that you can have the priesthood ordinances that seal families together forever--and that's very special.

Then as he was looking up at the temple through the window, he came up close to where I was sitting and said, "And as soon as you go inside...you feel...God.    Right here."  And he pointed to his chest.  He said it in a way that brought tears to my eyes, because I know he's felt the love of God, and I know he's felt it right in the center of his chest before, or else he wouldn't have explained it that way.  I love him. 

I hope he and Emmett will remember these precious, once in a life-time days, of watching the Gilbert Temple being built.