Monday, January 21, 2013

The Solution

The movie Cast Away is one that has left an impression on my family for a long time.  There's this part in the movie when Chuck Noland and Kelly Frears are in a work room and his work schedule has been so hectic and she's working on her thesis, and they can't even enjoy the holidays together like they want to because their time keeps getting interrupted by their on-the-go, stressful schedules.  And when they're together in the work room, he holds her in his arms and starts swaying back and forth as they dance to the sound of the copy machine. 

I remember watching this movie with my father one time, he seemed to get almost choked up and slightly teary eyed as he said, "Aw, that's sweet--they're dancing to the tune of the copier."  At that time I thought it was interesting that particular scene would stand out to him.

Well, I am there.  I have reached a part in my life where the idea of that work room scene makes me cry.  I get it.  This last month, I have felt pushed to the brim--the very max of what I can handle--and Mitch is doing ALL he can to take care of his responsibilities to the best of his ability.  We have been blessed with a hectic, on-the-go, crazy schedule.  And every once in a while, amid the chaos, you might find him, holding me in his arms as we sway back and forth to the tune of the washer and dryer, or to the sound of distant traffic as he hugs me on the driveway.  Sometimes he sings songs to me that made him think of me as he was driving around for work, and I just tear up right away, as he transforms the most unromantic of places into a cherished memory.  I love him so much--I would follow him to the ends of the earth.  I thank my Father in Heaven above that I have him in my life.

"Well I came home,
Like a stone,
And I fell heavy into your arms,
These days of dust
Which we have known
Will blow away
With this new sun...
...I will wait for you."
--Mumford & Sons
One more thought--we have been sucked into the Once Upon a Time TV series.  We watched all of Season 1 together.  One of my favorite episodes is with the Mad Hatter, and his most poignant line is something like: "You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants some magical solution to their problems, but everyone refuses to believe in magic."
I have realized lately (thru all of the chaos we've had) that LOVE really is MAGIC, and that love is the magical solution to our problems.  LOVE can break the curse--any curse that you might be experiencing.  We need to seek for it, harbor it, and express it often to others, or they might forget that the magic really exists.