Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BlogHer from Home

Caution:  This post is BORING.  If you care to see my thoughts splattered on this page, please keep reading.  Otherwise, stay tuned for my next update!  :)

I have decided that I would like to be a "published" blogger by being accepted to a blogging network.  I have recently been rejected from the *BlogHer Publishing Network, and that's okay.  Apparently I can try again in 6 months.  I've been going strong as a blogger since 2008, so I'm pretty sure I'll still be around on the web in 6 months to apply again. :) 

So now I have this new goal, and it's honestly kind of a foreign field to me, but that's kind of fun, too, because it's like a new adventure.  I am not sure what my options are.  At this point, I can foresee myself getting in with BlogHer over time by making some minor adjustments to this blog, or I can begin a new blog and try to develop that one in a different way while keeping this blog going, too.  The only problem is that I have a limited amount of blogging time, so if I have too many blog commitments, I might drop one.  I'm pretty partial to this one, since it documents my life.

It's also possible that another blogging network would like my blog as is and would allow me to advertise, opening the path for me to possibly earn some extremely small amounts of income by allowing ads on my page (but I'm not sure if that counts as being a "published" blogger).

While I'm divulging my deepest darkest writing goals & aspirations, I will go ahead and mention that I'm writing 3 children's books (one for each kid).  I do happen to be a member of ANWA (American Night Writers Association), and I do have the goal to be a published author someday.

The future's so bright, I've got to wear shades.  Or maybe I should just pick up a shovel & get working harder.

*In exchange for mentioning BlogHer in my post, I am receiving a sweepstakes entry to win tickets to the BlogHer conference in 2014.  Pick me!  Pick me!*