Friday, December 5, 2014

Who the Greatest Man in the World Will Be....

Meet Emmett.

He's notorious for photo-bombing, making jokes, playing tricks, getting his way, sucking his thumb, and getting mad for being called "cute".  He loves all things that are awesome, he HATES girl stuff, refuses to eat vegetables, and gives sincere (although hilariously funny) prayers.  He has more emotional ups and downs than the other kids, and consequently gives mom & dad a run for their money.  Just a tip: don't EVER try to kiss his face - he's quicker at moving his head than you think.  Emmett is now 5, though, and we have noticed a true maturing of this child as he grows up into a big boy - although he will tell you he was NEVER LITTLE, ever in his whole life.

On Monday night, Emmett's little brother, Miles, was waking up from a late nap so we could go to an Egg Nog Party.  Of course, it was the wrong time for Miles to wake up and he was crying like crazy.  All of a sudden, Emmett started singing an original and amazing song to his little brother to try and help him be happy (You'd better believe this is now copyrighted):

"You will be the greatest man in the world...
....After lots of birthdays....
You will like girls, and girls will like you....
...All the girls will like you!

You will pick one and get married.
You will only like good girls...
...not aliens or bad girls. 
And you won't marry dead people.

And you will like boy stuff.
And she will like girl stuff.

And YOU will be the GREATEST MAN in the WORLD!"

I held my breath the entire time he was singing - I knew if I laughed he would quit, and I knew if I asked him to sing louder he would stop.  All I could do was hang on every word I could possibly hear. WHAT I WOULD GIVE to know what he said on the lines that were sung just too softly for me to hear - his song was almost 5 minutes long - I'm telling you it was so good I couldn't concentrate on anything else!

When he was done singing, I asked him, 
"Were you singing that song for Miles?
Emmett responded, "Yeah, I was!"
"You're such a nice brother," I assured him.
With no hesitation of confidence he replied, "Yeah, I really am!"

I asked him to sing the song again, but he said he forgot it.  So he made up another for Miles on the ride to the party....

"When you grow up, you will have fun
And you will do what you want to!
You will have fun every day & every year!

Miles better feel pretty special - his big brother has high hopes & dreams for his destiny.  I'm pretty sure if they turn out like their daddy - all three of these boys...and their soon to be 4th brother, will be the GREATEST MEN IN THE WORLD! :)