Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Little Men

In our home, it's been a novelty for the children to take over Mom & Dad's Master Bathroom.  It's also been a season that has taught Mom & Dad patience!

Well, we hit the jack pot when Mitchell recently found a discarded bathroom sign that says, "Men".  We have put it on display in the hall bathroom that we want the kids to use, and fortunately it is starting to do the trick.

The other day, I couldn't find Emmett, and I was walking around the house calling his name, when I heard a muffled reply through a closed door, "I'M IN THE MEN'S!"  It just made me giggle - he and Tyson both just cringe whenever I haul them into a women's bathroom in public because I'm a paranoid mom about public bathrooms and their safety.  I'm glad that somewhere he can go into the "Men's" bathroom now.  

Miles, also, is gaining ownership of this new place.  Sometimes when he asks for help using the lavatory, he will say, "My want boys bafroom," or sometimes we'll be brushing his teeth and he points to the sign, "Look, Mom!  Boys bafroom!"

The ONLY downside to this is that the boys look at me funny if the Master bathroom is occupied, and I walk into their bathroom now.  Even if I'm just getting tissue for my nose, the kids say, "Hey!  What are you doing in the Men's?"

Oh well - it's a small price to pay to have full access of the Master Bath - it's such a beautiful thing to be able to put on my make-up in peace now that they have some real ownership of their restroom. 


Here are a few things my "Little Men" have been up to:

 Yes.  Those ARE chonies you see on their heads.  They can't be serious when we fold & put away laundry.  Sometimes they put socks on their hands...this time they put clean underwear on like beanies...good times!

 About a week ago, my husband had to work on a Saturday, and we got a phone call to meet him and my parents at Five Guys Burgers.  We had to take a picture with Miles, because the last time I was at that location, we had JUST found out that he was going to be a boy.  That was the only pregnancy I truly believed I would have a girl - seriously...WITH ALL MY HEART...I KNEW Miles was going to a girl, and then I was shocked by the ultrasound.  So Mitch took me to lunch afterwards and - don't get me wrong, I was excited to have another boy, but I still cried through the entire lunch hour, and I laughed, too, because people were staring at me.  

Now look at this little boy - he's SO CUTE.  How could I EVER NEED a little girl instead, when I have a darling little guy like that? I would NEVER change it!  He made a big mess of the peanuts by the way.

Miles has been really possessive lately.  He calls Mitch, "MINE DAD."  To Miles, Mitchell is NOT ALLOWED to be anyone else's dad - he is ONLY his dad.  It's hilarious.

This is Emmett at preschool - he was SO PROUD to show of this cardboard box that he colored - he made little tents for his cars to drive into.  He spent a good hour making it, and you can tell how much he loved his home-made invention by the beaming smile on his face.

I was going to wait until Valentine's Day to get the boys scooters...normally they just get candy and cards, but we only owned 1 scooter that was still working.  Well...Emmett & Miles kept crying about sharing the one scooter, and finally I just got fed up & said to Emmett:  "If you JUST GIVE THAT to Miles, I will buy you a new scooter tonight!"  That solved the fighting, but I also had to fork out the dough that evening.  We went to WalMart & found a Spiderman scooter for Miles, and a shiny blue Razor for Emmett, and now they ride scooters in peace...and they ride them ALL THE TIME.  Miles is especially proud of his new scooter & helmet, and he was such a ham the night we brought it home.  "Mom!  Take a picture!"  

He's still a ham for pictures.

Last weekend the boys wanted to make a Lemonade Stand.  Mitch is the best dad ever - he helped them contact neighbors for lemons, he helped them squeeze the lemon juice, and they made Strawberry Lemonade and regular.

The kids SOLD OUT of their TWO GALLONS that they made!
I think they got like $15 when the cups they sold were only about 25 or 50 cents each. 
They are so rich!

By the way, Tyson and Emmett told Mitch they were earning the money "For Chicks."
He just laughed.

They meant they want to buy baby chicks.  ...We're going to have to gear up some energy for that.

Miles was waving at all the cars!

Aunt Erin & Hudson & Lexi came by - and of course we were standing in direct sun light, so it's an awesome picture.

Right now, life is going great for my "Little Men".