Sunday, January 25, 2009


Confession: I haven't posted since before Christmas. Seeing as we haven't taken our pictures off of our ancient computer, b/c we have lost our memory stick, Christmas memory photos will just have to wait. It'll suffice to say that I had the best 2 weeks off of my life just being a mom. I actually relaxed & got settled. I got a room painted in my house & put up family photos, and our family room is a place I love to be. We also had an excellent New Year celebration with Mike & Erin, and Adam & Liz, and I bought a Zoo Pass--a brilliant purchase, actually...we've used it twice this month and it's paid for itself. After school started, again, Matt & Christy came over for dinner.
Tyson the Adorable, Gorgeous Lucy, and Studly Ben
Matt & Christy got married the same day we did, and we became friends the day we introduced ourselves at Church . It was the first Sunday for both of us, and that's when we found out we shared our anniversary date. They lived down the stairs at the same apartments we did & we became friends right away.

Ben & Tyson becoming insta-friends.

Posing on the couch for fun! Lucy looks just like Christy. She's such a beautiful little girl!

Lindsay gave us the game Curses forse Christmas. When you read the box, it sounds like it might be a little bit of a hokey game, but it came highly recommended. We practically died laughing the first time we played it. Matt happened to be the winner that night--he had a plethora of curses--he spend most of the evening with his wrists at his chest, biting his tounge, and ended up with a witch's voice (just to name a few). Mitch had to speak like Elmer Fudd the most, and he actually broke one of our kitchen chairs while he was fainting for a curse. We had so much fun. I really miss living next to Matt and Christy. They're such a fun, outgoing couple, and they can have a good time doing anything.