Saturday, January 31, 2009

Medusa? 'Dusa? Puppy?

Last Saturday, Nick got a new puppy. Tyson seemed to think it was no big deal to have a new animal around. What a goof! He looked at it and ran off to play. Someday he'll know how cool new puppies are, especially ones that are smaller than he is at this age.

Nick is back from Morenci. He no longer has a week on a week off. He now works a semi-normal schedule like the rest of us. It's a good thing, too, because now he can take care of the dog he bought.

We were cracking up, because as we were suggesting names, "Medusa" was the one Nick seemed to like best. Trust me, his puppy would not turn you to stone! She's way too sweet. He's still undecided on the name, and the dog is apparently answering to "Puppy" now. He'd better name her fast!