Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Found the Camera!

FINALLY! After more than a month, I found my camera at my in-laws' house! Whoo hoo!

Here's Tyson sleeping--his Cars chair makes a great pillow!

Nice pose, Mitch! Now get back to picking citrus!

Tyson participating in his first Eagle Project experience. Called to serve, baby!

Hey, Mr. Hebes! How'd you get all the way up there?

This is my FAV! How we LOVE the Tyson Chicken Nuggets! Dip them in Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Ranch, you name it & Tyson will have a smile!

"Stay away from my chicken nuggets!" he warns.

This is what Mitch looks like when he tells me we're taking a serious picture. We were staking out our 3rd row Easter Pageant seats that night (Good Friday). We also met some wonderful Baptist ladies who were sitting on the 2nd row. We had a great conversation about God and about all the wonderful things He makes possilbe. Janie and Pat said they'll meet us again next year on Good Friday. I sure hope we really do get to see them again. They were wonderful.

Harmony Park Egg Hunt: Began at 9:00am, ended at 9:05. : ) The caution tape is so that the kids stay away from the eggs until it's time to flood the field.

Here's Tyson finding eggs in the little kid yard. He's so cute! My heart aches because he's growing up so fast. Was it just a year ago that he was satisfied with his army crawl to one egg because when he shook it it made noise? Now he's finding Easter eggs like a big kid and chowing down on the candy inside. By the way, note to self: DO NOT let Tyson search for eggs before breakfast ever again--he won't eat the breakfast after all the candy!

"How did this happen? Are my fingers really green?"

Tyson & Dad learning dying Easter eggs for the first time together at the Borden's . It was TONS of fun!