Saturday, August 15, 2009

Go D-Backs!

Mitch got to go to the Diamond Backs game tonight (we won, whoohoo!), and he was able to take Tyson with. Tyson had a ball! If you look closely, you can see that he was more interested in eating his licorice than posing for the picture.
Mitch and Tyson ready to catch foul balls with their gloves.

Dallin, Uncle Taylor, Uncle Heber, and Tyson (Other people at the game: Grandpa T, & Uncle/Cousin Dave)

Mitch caught Tyson using the binos!

It was 80's night, so the mascot was dressed up like Kiss. Also, Tyson got a pin that said "My first game" on it, and an autographed picture from the mascot.

Sometime within a 6 hour period, sitting still was no longer an option, so they visted the play area. Thanks, Mitch for being such a fun dad and taking Tyson to his first baseball game! You're a stud for facing that type of crowd with a 2 year old! I love you!