Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Days...Can't Get Enough!

His baby faces crack me up!

I set this little play house up in our front room so Tyson can entertain himself when I can't.

He won't fit in the sink for much longer!

I love his fuzzy hair after a reminds me of a baby chick.

Mitch doesn't wake up to nurse multiple times a night, but he feels like a zombie, too. Often he'll fall asleep on the ground in Tyson's room singing him to sleep, or I'll find him passed out on the floor in front of Emmett's swing, because he sits there giving him a pacifier so I can get some shut eye in the middle of the night. Or, other times, I'll find him on the couch with the boys. I love him. He's working so hard. It's hard to find time to be a dad when you're working full time and attending college, but he does a great job, and there's no question in the boys' minds whether or not their dad loves them--he shows it every time he's around them, no matter how short that time may be.

We dressed up for the Lovell's Halloween party--Mitch was Pres. Obamam (SCARY!), and Emmett was a bear. Maybe we'll have better luck on Halloween night getting Tyson to dress up. I'd like to get a picture of the boys in costumes together this year, but it may be a struggle to get Tyson to wear a costume..."I not like it" he says, or "I wear it tomorrow."

Tyson thinks Emmett is a great little brother, but he doesn't understand the concept that it makes him a brother, too. We'll ask Tyson if Emmett is his little brother and he says, yes, and then we'll ask him if he's a big brother and he'll make a face & shake his head as he says, "No, I not a brother." He is a fabulous big brother, though. He makes sure to tell me things like, "He hungry again," or he'll give him a pacifier and say, "He happy now." Whenever Emmett spits up, and I ask for the burp rag, Tyson will say something like, "Eww, he burp up!" It's fun, and Tyson is a good helper, finding satisfaction when I grant him permission to hold him or to take care of him. Tyson still ooohs and ahhhs over Emmett, and exclaims often, "He so cute! I love Baby Emmett!" The pure love of a brother is so sweet to me.

I knew I would love my 2nd child, but it still amazes me how immediately equal of a love I felt with Emmett. When I had Tyson, I had never felt that type of a love before & it brought a whole new dimension to my life, changing me forever. When I had Emmett, it's like my heart grew, and I love them equally, as if Emmett has been around as long as Tyson, too. I could never live without either of them in my life. I'm so lucky to be their mom.