Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Littlest Preschooler

He's not quite big enough, but some days he thinks he is, and there's no stopping it when he wants to jump in on the fun.  Sweet little Emmett likes to hang out with the big boys for a few minutes each time we do preschool.  He climbs up to the table and wants his own sorting activity, or he'll want to put things up on the Calendar and sing songs with us.  He's only 1, but it's obvious that he loves to learn and he loves to be in on the fun. 

 He looked up and said cheese right before this photo--I don't remember even teaching him how to do that, but he definitely posed for this picture. : )

The day of our Halloween Party, I pulled out Tyson's costume.  The second Emmett saw it he started squawking.  I knew he wanted his own costume, but in my head I talked myself out of it & thought surely he wanted something else.  When nothing else would get him to stop whinning, I went to pull out his doggie costume and the second he saw his, he was okay.  He got dressed up & had tons of fun being part of it.  I love that he's a foot shorter than everyone else.

 Emmett's so cute, because he thinks he's so funny, and just as big as everyone else.  The response he gets back from the big kids is hilarious to me, though, so he can't stay in class with us for more than 20 minutes, because that's too much to have a "baby" around for so long. : )

I love my littlest preschooler!