Tuesday, November 9, 2010


 Honest to goodness--Tyson fell asleep trick-or-treating this year, and his one year old brother thought it was funny to pull the candy out of his mouth as Tyson's head was nodding around. 
 The wagon was going up and down bumpy park HILLS, and Tyson still slept through it.  Emmett was just giggling about it and it made us laugh harder.  I can't believe little Emmett Joe is such a prankster!
Asleep in transport, even.  NOTHING woke him up once he conked out!  Thanks, Brian, Tina, & Caden for wearing us out!

This video is blurry b/c it was so dark, and I didn't have an HD camera handy, but you get the point.  See his head nodding around?  In his dreams he must be visiting Jib & Judy in CandyLand.  That's some good candy!  What's funny is that this was on Saturday night, the 30th, and even on Sunday, the 31st, he fell asleep again when all the trick-or-treaters came by.  Must have been a snooze-fest for Tyson, though--Halloween couldn't even keep him awake.