Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Daydream ALL the time about going back!

Never in my life did I think that doing "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day" would actually turn into 2 separate trips and 3 days at Disneyland: A day with Tyler & Louise, a day with the Borden's, and a day with the Tenney's.  Technically we only got ONE free Disney day per participant, but through what my dad would call "scores and finagles", Mitch and I were able to work out a very cheap trip both times. 

I recognize that we were SPOILED last year, which is why I long for Disneyland so much this year.  And I have actually spent many days daydreaming about getting myself back there, especially since the last trip was taken at Christmas time, and Disneyland was so AMAZING decked out for Christmas.  I didn't blog about it at all last year...probably because I had way too many photos to sift through.  But, I miss it so much this year, here it goes:
We love the SHIMIKONIS FAMILY!  They stayed at our house for a week and a half before this trip, because they were in town for a wedding, and for old times sake we took a Disney trip together.  For Father's day the first year we were married, Louise and I took Mitch and Tyler to Disneyland, since neither of them had never been before.  So we commemorated...and somehow had 5 children between the both of us on our 2nd trip together.  : )

Nick, Brian, Tina, & Caden had never been. It was a good first trip, although poor Caden puked a few times.

 Can't miss a frisbee golf opportunity when the boys are together.  : )

 I love this Buzz Lightyear picture.  In all of the pictures we took, Emmett couldn't stop staring at him.  Haha!

With the Tenney's!
Are we there, yet?

 The Haunted Mansion ROCKS at Christmas!
 So does, "It's a Small World"

 So exhausted after an awesome day!

WHO WANTS TO GO BACK WITH US?  Let's pick up and go!  
Let's just forget all about budgets and Christmas presents!  : 0 )