Friday, January 27, 2012

Zoo Lights, Train Sets, Nativities

 December had some great memories for us.  The Borden's decided to go to the Zoo was Nick & Ashley's idea...good thing they're the young newlyweds who remind the rest of us to have fun. : )  So we bit the bullet, bought the tickets and made a night of it.  I was actually quite impressed with the displays and thought it was worth the money.  I quit feeling guilty about making the purchase because we had so much fun. : ) 

Newlyweds--SHEESH!  : )

This picture below is of Dale and Myrna with their in-state grandkids.  I really wish that the rest of the Borden cousins were in state, but boy am I thankful that Caden is here.  My boys really look up to and adore him.  When Tyson was born, Caden told me at the hospital, I believe, that he was going to be Tyson's best cousin.  He's really living up to his promise, too.  Tyson refers to Caden like a "best friend", and has even called him his "best cousin" before.  It means a lot to me that my kids have a cousin close by to share fun memories with--like going to the Zoo Lights.
It cracks me up that Tyson is getting good at posing for pictures.  Don't worry--he didn't die from the Black Widow.
We also went to see some trains sets.  The first place we went was cool, but then we tried going to the Sirrine's House after and it was awesome.
Tyson enjoyed the experience, but I dare say that Emmett LOVED it.  For days after we went with Brian and Tina to see the trains, Emmett would randomly grab my finger and guide me to the front door, "Let's go see train sets!"  I felt so bad I couldn't take him more than the one night that was open to the public.  We'll have to make seeing trains a tradition at Christmas time for my little Emmett.  : )
My kids loved the train-wreck set up.

This picture cracks me up, because there was a really cool display behind us.  We should have asked the kind stranger who was taking our picture to stand at an angle that showed us WITH the cool train display.  Haha!  Instead we're BLOCKING IT!  We must be cooler than trains, though. : )

Every year at Christmas, my children have a couple Nativity sets that they're allowed to touch.  These pictures are just a couple of MANY different ways I found them arranged throughout the month of December. : )  Emmett is responsible for the addition of cars to the block nativity, and Tyson is responsible for setting up the figurines on a perilous ledge.   There's NEVER a dull moment around here.  Mitch and I adore these boys!!!!