Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's been Raining Diapers...

These are pictures from my Diaper Shower last month. It was mostly a shower with friends from my ward family.  Holy cow, it felt like everyone I knew showed up!  It meant so much to me.  I couldn't believe people's kindness--there were so many people who couldn't make it and they still dropped off a gift beforehand--or the next day at church even.  It meant a lot to me to have something to look forward to with all the emotions I was experiencing with my ante-partum depression issues.  I was fairly open about what I was going through, but that didn't mean everyone was aware of my pregnancy struggles.  So it meant a lot to me that Ann and Carol would reach out to me in this way and that they would give me something to look forward to by throwing a party.  It also meant a lot to me that so many people took time to come celebrate with me.

 Here's a picture with Ann and Carol.  They are wonderful people and I love them.  They insisted that I needed to have a party to celebrate my 3rd baby boy, and so they went through all the effort and threw one for me; it was so much fun!   

Also, another thing that people didn't know was that this baby was our most expensive baby, yet.  A long story cut short is that my insurance covered "complications of maternity only", so our costs for the baby were cash-pay and very expensive.  We were totally focussed on saving money for the OB & hospital packages for delivery that I hadn't really even planned for expenses after the baby.  SO, you can imagine how overwhelmed I was when I went home from the shower with approx. 1,546+ diapers and 1,400+ wipes.  I've used a 36 pack of diapers each week so far.  With my rough estimates, I've got about 10 months worth of diapers.  It's amazing to me.  I feel everyone's love each time I need a new pack of diapers and get them from my stock pile.  I also got several new outfits for the baby and was able to do a guilt-free purge of my boy clothes that were faded and stained.  I really appreciated the support from so many wonderful people.

 This is my friend Lauren--she was due 3 weeks after me.  When she walked in, I thought, "Wow!  She's SO MUCH SMALLER!"  Then after a while I thought, "No, we're not that much different in our belly size."  So then we took a picture and I saw it after and it just made me giggle!  My baby bump is TWICE her size!  It cracks me up.  It's just the way I carry, though.  I hope for her that her baby is not 9 pounds...hopefully her smaller baby bump means she will birth a smaller baby.  Haha!
 And let's not forget to mention the shower food.  Kris is amazingly talented and I was impressed with his contributions to the shower--he hung the puff balls AND designed this awesome vegetable flower. 

Life is good.  I am so blessed that I had diapers raining down on me in that I've had Baby Miles, the diapers are still raining down, but now they're dirty.  And that's a blessing in and of itself.