Thursday, May 17, 2012

Miles Mitchell

 Our 3rd little boy was finally born on the last day of April.  He was 21 inches and 9 pounds 1.5 ounces (just a half ounce smaller than Tyson when he was born).  We named him Miles Mitchell Borden and he's so adorable!  Grandma Borden brought the boys to the hospital to meet their brother.  It made my cry that they got to come see him there.  I remember going to the hospital as a kid to meet my siblings when they were born and to hold them for the first time.  I specifically remember holding my brother Taylor in the hospital for the first time and being so glad that I finally had a brother!  So when my kids came in and I got to see their excitement as we got to be together as a family for the first time with Baby Miles it filled my heart with happiness.
 I wish I caught it on camera, but a minute or so after the boys came into the room, Miles began to fuss and Emmett immediately walked over to console him and said, "Here's my thumb!"  My cute little thumb-sucker was trying to share already so his baby brother could be happy.  We all laughed and Emmett was slightly confused as we were explaining that we didn't want Miles to suck on Emmett's thumb.
 Miles was sleeping mostly and so he didn't do much while the boys were there, but when there was the slightest movement of his hands or feet, Tyson grinned and gasped and said, "He just moved his fingers!"  I love this picture of Tyson holding Miles. He looks so happy.  As Tyson continued to hold his new baby brother he started singing a lullaby to him--it was loud enough I could tell he was singing, but it was soft enough that only Miles could really hear.  I'm pretty sure it was a lullaby Tyson was making up on the spot, too, because a few days after we were home I heard him singing to Miles again.  So sweet!
 I just love all of my Borden boys!
 Mitchell was very supportive in the hospital, and I thought this pic of father and son sleeping was cute, so I snapped it. Honest to goodness, though, during the 24 hours after giving birth, I'm pretty sure Mitch slept more than I did--there were moments that bystanders may have supposed HE was the one who had just undergone labor.  That's why he started catching up on sleep while we were still in the L & D room after guests left but I didn't get to snooze until 2 am when I was situated in the post-partum room.  That's okay, though.  It's hard work to be a dad. : )
 Newborn babies are so sweet and so fresh from Heaven.  My friend Merri sent me a text a few hours before I had him to check up on me and she imagined he was probably just saying good-bye to Heavenly Father and that he'd be in my arms soon.  It made me tear up, because I believe it's true.  Being born is such a huge monumental step in our eternal progression and I know that Heavenly Father watches closely over the details.  I felt like we were being watched over and protected during labor and delivery and the hours after.  I know the Lord was blessing us, and most of all the biggest blessing was getting to meet our little Miles. 
I know the baby is screaming in this picture, but I still think it's cute, and Mitchell looks happy.  It's so funny how full of joy you can be even when the baby is crying his head off.  It's such a blessing to have a new baby in our home and to be able to take care of him and meet his needs and keep him happy.