Friday, November 9, 2012

Post Election Ramblings & Good Times at the Lake

Well...the election has come and gone.  President Obama has been re-elected, but this time America has never had a clearer choice.  The two candidates were complete opposites on almost every single major issue--especially moral issues--and for the first time in history, the nation is not just divided, the majority has swung to the Liberal side.  The America that believes in "The Modern Family" and that the degredation of society is no big deal--THAT America is now the majority, and I am grieving for what America has become.  I KNOW what the prophecies are about the end of the world.  I KNOW it has to get worse before it gets better, but my heart is STILL broken.  When the Savior of the world died, there were prophecies that He would rise again, but that didn't stop the people who loved Him from crying over the way the mobs openly turned against Him--they mocked him, and crucified Him, and IT WASN'T OKAY.

When it comes to America, the history of my ancestors rings in my ears.  Thomas and Ann Tenney gave up all that they had to move here and give this new land of opportunity a chance, where they could have religious freedom, and provide a future for their family.  The vision of America that they had DID happen, and it was BEAUTIFUL.  The American Dream was alive and right, and it blessed their family for generations to come.   As the days, weeks, months, and years of my life pass, I am watching America turn into something very different than the faith and principles it was founded upon.  And I am sad, because the things that are happening are not okay. 

Before the election, President Obama made it very clear that he does not stand with Israel.  It was interesting that he acted the way he did BEFORE the election, and I thought that it would hurt his campaign.  Maybe the majority of the American people didn't care enough to be informed about his foreign relations, or maybe they knew and agreed with him.  But one thing is for sure--America sided with President Obama this week, and essentially screamed to the world that they agree with him and his stance--even though the countries around Israel have threatened another Holocaust on the Jews, America has made it clear that Israel is going to stand alone.

I am heartbroken.  It doesn't matter to me that it is prophesied that Israel will stand alone in the Last Days--that doesn't make me happy to know that we're seeing the prophecies unfold, because it is embarrassing and shameful that MY America is turning away.  It is OUR America that is supposed to be a light unto the world.  I had hoped that there would be enough people to stand up for true and correct moral principles, but there weren't enough of us.  Our country has chosen a different course, and now that's the direction we're headed, so as our morals as a society continue to decay, we will ALL pay the consequences.

I know that come what may, the Lord will help all who turn to Him.  And I know that He is the only one who can really fix it in the end.  Amazingly the sun has continued to rise each day after the election.  : )  There is still hope and responsibilities upon our shoulders to do what's right and to do all that we can to make a difference in our communities and work together to keep our freedoms and all that the American Dream stands for.

At any rate--agree or disagree with me, this is the way I see it, and I have been sad this week about the path that America is taking.

After the election, I told Tyson that Mitt Romney didn't make it, and he said, "So the blues are in for 4 more years?  Dang it!"   : )  "The blues" part makes me smile.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think that President Obama is ALL bad--he actually has a beautiful family, and he has done some valuable things for our country.  I just don't like that our country so openly supports him and the issues he stands for on subjects like abortion, gay marriage, foreign policies, and socialized health care, and I don't like his stance on how to "fix" the economy through his tax plan, and I don't like how he's quadrupled the national debt in the last 4 years. I'm still upset about the way the Libya attacks were handled and so the list goes on. 

We were talking to Tyson about moral issues and choices of the day, and he said, "The world needs more gospel."  He is so right!  I am so happy that the church has lowered the age for the missionaries.  I heard a statistic a couple weeks ago.  Usually the number of applicants for Sister Missionaries is in the hundreds, and within the month the prophet announced that Sisters can go at age 19, the applications rose to FOUR THOUSAND!  So, the works are in progress to continue to preach the gospel.  I pray it will make a great difference throughout the world!  I know it will.

Here are some happier thoughts--we went to the lake in September with our ward family, and we all loved it! 

 Emmett was a little apprehensive on the tube.  He also had a fun time, but any time I pulled the camera out, he REFUSED to look at the camera, let alone say cheese.  He's got a mind of his own--that's why we love him. : )

 Tyson & Mitch
 Tyson screaming
 Tyson giving the "a-o-kay" sign
 Bugaboo's first boat ride.  Haha!
 Cute picture of the Borden boys minus Emmett because he didn't want to take the picture.  Miles fell alseep.
 I rode the tube with Tyson & totally had a fun time, but Mitch didn't take any pictures...that's okay.  Tyson and I had a blast, screaming and singing at the top of our lungs while we rode, "And I set the world on FIRE, we go HIGHER THAN THE SUUUUUUUN, "and "I put my hands up in the air sometimes!"  Family favorites--totally worth screaming at the top of your lungs when you're riding a tube.  He also yelled, "BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!"  and "This is the best day I ever had!"  On the beach, he found some sea shells for me, because he heard that I would look for seashells at the Canyon lake beach when I was a little girl.  We framed a lake picture with his seashells glued around the frame.  It was a GREAT day!
Oh, and by the way, Miles likes to eat his toes.  : )
Life is SO GOOD, and yes, we will LIVE through the next four years.  Haha!
God Bless America.