Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Game Too Hard for Adults

A couple weekends ago, I hosted a Baby Shower for my sister-in-law Ashley.  It was a smashing success--I was so pleased.  During the shower we played a game: Alternative Names for Children's Book Titles.  So essentially you were given something like, "Emerald Yolky Food with accompanying Pig Product" and had to guess "Green Eggs and Ham".  A day or two after the shower my mom was reading thru the list, because we played that game before she got there.  Emmett was in the room.  Please keep in mind that he is ONLY THREE, and keep in mind that he WAS NOT around at the shower.

Mom: Locale of the Concrete Walkway's Termination?
Mom: Where the road stops?
Me: Where the Sidewalk Ends!
Mom: Fedora Wearing Feline? 
Emmett:  The Cat in the Hat!
Me: He's Right. (I totally thought it was a fluke).
Mom: Locale of the Untamed  Creatures?
Me: Remember that 'locale' in the other one stood for 'where'.
Mom: (Still thinking).
Emmett running by:  Where the Wild Things Are!
Me: He's right again!  Haha!

What a little smarty pants.  He's so funny!