Saturday, March 2, 2013

When a Camera isn't Good Enough.

You know that moment in time, when everything is perfect and you wish you could freeze it forever?  Sometimes it's when everyone is together.   Sometimes it's when you're just one on one.  Sometimes it only lasts a couple of seconds and then the harmony of the moment is long gone.  Sometimes you wish you had a camera, but even if it was out and ready it couldn't have done the moment justice.

Like yesterday when Emmett was sitting outside of Cracker Barrel on a rocking chair playing checkers with his Grandpa T.  It was cute & classic, and everyone was happy.  It was a perfect morning.  And just 3 seconds after I saw the moment it was over.

It's like when you buy a package of candies you had when you were a kid and try to share them with everyone, but you realize you bought the sour pack instead and everyone is gagging.  "These are horrilbe, Deej!"  Thanks, Mom.  Fortunately the package of Divinity I bought turned out better.  The kids loved it.  My father in law talks about it all the time (I think Grandma Borden used to make it), and then I found out my Great Granny Gladys used to make it, too.   But as I tasted it and thought about these people who love Divinity--I thought about the memories they have that are associated with it--the people who made it.  Can a camera really capture how they feel when they remember those things?  No.  Now I have my own memory of the delectible treat--it's of Emmett with his mouth stuffed and a big grin saying, "I love this marshmallow stuff." 

It's when you're standing in line at a crowded sandwich shop trying to keep your boys from bugging everyone in line and the lady behind you says, "I had 3 boys, too.  They were just like yours--full of energy.  I remember how hard it was, but don't worry, there's a lot of hope.  All my boys grew up to be wonderful human beings (one is a Navy Seal, another is a successful businessman, and the other a Navy airforce officer).  I don't even know how it happened, but it did."  And then later she seeks you out & gives you a chocolate covered strawberry for each boy.  A camera couldn't have captured her kindness & understanding, or how she made me feel like everything in the world was perfect & exactly as it should be.

One of these moments happened today when Tyson was at his first ever practice for the Easter Pageant and we were all told to kneel down when Jesus would walk by.  We were all in normal clothes--no costumes--and the man who is the actor for Jesus didn't even have a beard yet, or anything.  As he came near us we all knelt and looked up at him.  And then I looked to the side and saw my son kneeling down, but respectfully bowing his head as Jesus walking by.  He was so humble and reverent and full of love. 

Sometimes I think I almost ruin the moments I'm trying to capture, because I'm staring at them thru a camera.  Sometimes it's okay to just experience life.  Try to remember it, and try not to regret that you couldn't catch the moment on film, because sometimes you couldn't have captured what it truly meant to you anyway.

Life is beautiful.  Just live it.