Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jesus Loves YOU

It has been an amazing ride to be a part of the Easter Pageant this year.  It has definitely been a sacrifice and a different experience than I ever imagined with the kids.  I am so grateful we did this as a family,  I am so grateful for the way we all grew as individuals in the gospel and how we came closer as a family.

All my life I have dreamed of what it would be like to be a mom with the opportunity to take my children to the knee of the Savior.  I look forward to the day he will come again, and with all my heart I HOPE that I will be able to take my kids to see Him, to learn of Him, so that HE will bless them.  I don't know when the Lord will come again, so in the mean time, moments like this in the Easter Pageant are as close as we're going to get.  This scene is one of the most pivitol moments in the Easter Pageant for me.  I have pondered it for the last few weeks.  Even though there are MANY in the crowd, you NEVER feel as if you're insignificant, and when He looks in your eyes, you KNOW he loves you.  I wish everyone could see the Savior looking back at them and that image could stay in their minds.  Sometimes it's easy to feel like we're not important because there are so many people in this world.  We need to remember that God knows us and He loves us.  He created us and is aware of everything that happens in our lives.  We need to turn to Him and try to live like Him.

Here are some of the highlights from the rest our family:

MITCH - One night he was holding Emmett and had a special moment by the Savior in the Triumphal Entry, and then in the mob scene, the actor who plays Christ looked at Mitchell as if, "You, too?"  It really seemed to hit home for Mitch.  There were people who had been close to Jesus who still turned from him.  How often have we felt the Savior's love and seen miracles in our lives and yet our actions betray Him?  We MUST do everything we can to come closer to him.

TYSON - One night I asked him what his favorite part of the Pageant was, he became thoughtful, but then I said, "Didn't you say it was the Triumphal Entry?"  He responded, "No.  I said the Triumphal Entry was my favorite SCENE.  My favorite PART is helping people to feel the Spirit in their heart or soul."

EMMETT - Emmett was cranky some nights and I didn't think he was getting much out of it, but one night he almost missed the Triumphal Entry, and he told Mitch - "It's Hosanna time!"  Another night, he started singing the Finale song out of the blue and he knew almost every word, "Today I saw Jesus, the Savior of the Earth, I heard the angels singing as they herald at his birth.  Today I saw Jesus, the Christ, my King.  My Savior, my Redeemer, forever I'll sing.  I know He lives!"

MILES - In the Healing and Teaching Scene one night, Miles acted as if he understaood everything that was happening.  He doesn't talk much, but this night he smiled when the blind man could see again.  When the adulteress came on stage I said, "Here comes the bad lady," and Miles said, "Uh-oh".  I stayed in character and said, "Here's the true test.  Will Jesus choose love, or will he turn her away."  And Miles said, "Uuhv" for love.  I was absolutely amazed.  Another special thing happened with Miles yesterday.  He said, "Jesus" for the first time as he pointed to his picture at a baptism we went to.  I had hoped that Miles would take his first steps at the Easter Pageant.  That will come in time.  I can't think of anything better to come as a "first" from this experience for him, than for him to learn to say the name of the Lord.

Happy Easter, Everyone.  I know that Jesus atoned for our sins and for our pains.  He died and on the 3rd day rose again.  We can live again and will live again someday, because of the promise of the resurrection.  What a beautiful day.  I know He lives.