Saturday, April 13, 2013

Doesn't Get Better than This

I sat down to document something else, but I just couldn't get past these adorable pictures that Mitch took of the boys.  Could life get any better than this?  No way.  And who needs professional photo shoots when your husband can catch what life is really like with these kids? BLISS.

I actually wasn't here at the park with them--Mitchell was letting me sleep in.  We were supposed to be having a special breakfast for my dad's birthday on this particular morning, but that blew up, because the ONE person who was essential to the celebration had a meeting no one else knew about, haha.  And so Mitch took the boys to the park and they ate their very own, special, cereal-in-a-cup-with-a-spoon-at-a-park breakfast.  And by the grins on their faces, you can tell it was a SMASHING SUCCESS--as is ANYTHING they get to do with their DADDY.