Sunday, April 14, 2013


Have you ever had anyone tell you how AWESOME an experience is and so you go into the adventure with HIGH expectations and get LESS than you bargained for?   It might not matter that the reason you had a bad experience had to do with the fact that you or your kids were sick when you went, or maybe you just had a bad attitude, or maybe the event wasn't your "cup of tea".  ALL that matters and all that you remember is that it was SUPPOSED to be OUT OF THIS WORLD, and you left DISAPPOINTED.
Well, we had the OPPOSTIE of that situation happen to us!  We were told how HORRIBLE the Sea Life Aquarium was and to NEVER pay full price (so we took coupons), and we thought it was going to be like any other place in the Valley of the Sun, and what we ended up getting was an AMAZING DAY!
The sea life was UP CLOSE & PERSONAL!

We saw a SEA TURTLE!


We put our heads in VIEWING HOLES so we felt like we were IN THE TANK!


We almost got eaten by SHARKS!

We had time as a FAMILY!

We thought we would hardly spend any time there, but we almost didn't plan for enough time to see everything!
We saw lion fish!!!  We love lion fish!
And we saw JellyFish (not pictured), but Emmett is STILL talking about the jellies!

We learned that Daddy seahorses are the ones that get pregnant--which could be the reason they look like they're sick--poor, little, nauseus daddies!  Throwing up might just help them feel better.
Maybe we were absolutely satisfied because our kids LOVE animals, sea life, and nature.  Maybe we were excited because we got a rockin' deal with the newspaper coupon we clipped.  Maybe we were satisfied because we expected NOTHING and got BLOWN AWAY. 

And maybe I should just tell you NEVER to go there unless you get in for pennies, because you'll HATE it--and then maybe you'll wind up like me. :)