Monday, April 29, 2013

Words that Fill my Soul

Often times I find myself experiencing life through two types of goggles:

Eternal Perspective and Tunnel-vision. 

 I think it's natural to experience this, and that it's part of the test of mortality.  I have realized that when I'm experiencing a tunnel-vision moment in my life, I tend to still be going thru the motions of everything I know to be right because I've developed good habits over the years of staying dedicated to things that I believe in.  But when I am in an eternal perspective sort of vision, I have more peace and I remember the REASONS I do all the things I do, and then I really WANT to keep on going, but it doesn't feel like going through the motions, it feels like "living after the manner of happiness".

Here are some of the things I learned at a training meeting tonight for all the people in our Stake who have callings with little children in the Primary & Nursery:

" we give, we find that ‘sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven!’ And in the end, we learn it was no sacrifice at all." --Spencer W. Kimball

  • What do you do with a difficult child?
                                                                     The Answer: LOVE them to death.

  •  With a problem child, sometimes the answer involves cookies.  --Pres. Carmichael

  • Our job as teachers is to place words of truth in their hearts; they will open their hearts when THEY are ready. --Sis. Tilley

  • You are Christ's daily delight.  Make your children your daily delight!

  • When we need and seek for revelation, we must PRAY for it, EXPECT it, RECOGNIZE it, and ACT on it.

  • "Parents, the days are long past when regular, active participation in Church meetings and programs, though essential, can fulfill your sacred responsibility to teach your children to live moral, righteous lives and walk uprightly before the Lord. is essential that this be faithfully accomplished in homes which are places of refuge where kindness, forgiveness, truth, and righteousness prevail. Parents must have the courage to filter or monitor Internet access, television, movies, and music. Parents must have the courage to say no, defend truth, and bear powerful testimony. Your children need to know that you have faith in the Savior, love your Heavenly Father, and sustain the leaders of the Church. Spiritual maturity must flourish in our homes. My hope is that no one will leave this conference without understanding that the moral issues of our day must be addressed in the family." --Quentin L. Cook

  • Make connections outside the classroom.  Go the extra mile, and pray for the children you influence by name, and the Lord will help you help them. 

I am so grateful for the church and for the temple.  I love Sundays--going to church is my life-line.  I so desperately need to have words of truth fill my soul on a regular basis so that I can be the best me with a better perspective when I face my personal responsibilities day in and day out.  I know deep down...even when I might be in a tunnel-vision mode...that there are deeper, eternal reasons that are more important than many of the things that cause us stress in life.  When we focus on the things that bring us inner peace and hope in the Lord and serving His children, everything else falls into place, because our Spirit can better recognize priorities that matter in an eternal perspective.  I love the Lord, and I know the gospel is true.