Friday, May 3, 2013

Breakfast Conversation

Emmett's always been my little climber--since before he was really walking, I would find him on my kitchen table.  My homeowner one time said something about, "if your kids are climbers"..... At the time I only had Tyson and had no idea what she was talking about.  Now that I have Emmett,  I KNOW.  Haha!  She has 3 boys, too, so she REALLY knows about this crazy life.  I love her for understanding me.

At any rate, Emmett was climbing on stools yesterday to try to reach the food on the highest shelf in the pantry.  Suddenly he had second thoughts & then the conversation thereafter just made me laugh.

Emmett:  I'm getting down because I'm a little scared.
Tyson:  I told you you were little.
Me:  Tyson, be nice.
Emmett:  Well, I'm turning into a grown up like Mom!
Tyson:  Well, I'm turning into a grown up like Dad!
Emmett:  Well, I'm turning into a grown up like Dad, too.
Tyson:  You already picked Mom.
Emmett:  Well I'm not going to turn INTO a mom.
Me: That's true--you're going to turn into a dad.
Tyson:  Well, pretty soon I'm going to be 30.
Me:  You'd better not!
Tyson:  Well, Dad is 30.
Me: Yeah, but that's 25 years away for you still.
Emmett:  Pretty soon I'm going to be 26.
Tyson:  Well Mom's 28.

They're so silly!  They were using kind tones of voices, but it was hilarious that they were trying to one up each other with everything they said.  This probably never ends with brothers...I still hear my husband and his brothers do this sort of banter.  Looks like the fun has just begun. :)