Friday, May 31, 2013

Miles' 1st Birthday

I can't even believe it's been a year since I had my baby boy!  Technically it's been 13 months now that I'm posting about it...which also means it's been a full year for my brother on his mission to Guatemala.  Time flies so fast--you've got to soak up every moment!  Here are the moments we try to soak up with our sweet Baby Miles!

  • Miles can say:  Mom, Dad, up, hi, Jesus, baba, and this.

  • His favorite word to use is "this", he is always pointing at things and asks, "zthis?" (and I do mean ALWAYS)

  • He waves good-bye, and occasionally blows kisses...except his mouth stays wide open & his tongue is usually sticking out still when he moves his hand back and forth to his face to "blow kisses".

  • Let's not forget that he is the happiest baby I've ever known, and he is constantly smiling at everyone. Uncle Brian always calls him "SMILES", which almost always merits a sheepish grin from the Big Boy.

Miles 1st Birthday Celebration:
He got embarrassed when we sang Happy Birthday to him.  He totally understood all the hullaballo was for him.  When we started singing, he bashfully ducked his head down between his shoulders and acted embarrassed.  It was so darling.  We also found his cake (aka GIANT cupcake) at the local grocery store--it was the perfect size, and gee whiz, that colorful frosting makes the best Birthday Beard I've ever seen!  :)


All his baby toys were ELECTRONIC baby toys--he is OBSESSED with electronics (cell phones, remotes, calculators, anything that has buttons and lights up).  All of his birthday gifts had buttons, made noise, and light up.  He is still happy with them, and I'm grateful my cell phone no longer has insane amounts of slobber on it day in and day out.

Proof that we brush teeth after cake.  Isn't he cute?

This was the day after his birthday--I couldn't resist.  He's so darling!
Happy Birthday, my sweet little BUGABOO!