Saturday, March 16, 2013

Play Cookie Dough

At the beginning of the school year, when I felt like I had to write a check for every fundraiser that walked thru my door (before I realized there would be a fundraiser EVERY WEEK or so), I decided that if I was already going to pay $15 for cookie dough, that I might as well pay $17 and get the upgraded version:  PLAY COOKIE DOUGH.  It came in yellow tubs--just like play dough.  It came in bright colors--just like play doughFortunately it tasted delicious--unlike playdough
Even if it did take 5 months before I realized it was still hanging out in my freezer, it was so much fun!  Haha! Sometimes you think you'll save something for a special day, and then that special day never comes.  One night in January I decided it had been long enough and the special day just needed to be there, so we used our play cookie dough after dinner on a whim.  The $2 upgrade was worth it, especially because now that our elementary has exhausted my "extra money" fund, I don't know when the next time we donate might be.  :)  J/K