Sunday, March 10, 2013

Night of Wonder

As I look through these pictures it feels to me, like it JUST happened...but the reality is that these pictures are from FOUR MONTHS ago.  Haha! 

Lucky for us, we were driving around on a weekend in December, and the local mall was having a Hot Air Balloon Festival.  We promptly bought Chick-fil-a, parked our car, and took the kids to experience the fun of being right next to the hot air balloons.  I'm so glad we did that and now we have fun memories with our kids!  The man in the Smilie Face balloon gave my boys normal balloons with the same smilie face on it.  They kept calling their balloons hot air balloons.  Spider pig was the most amazing and a top favorite, too.  I also thought the butterfly balloon was gorgeous.  Poor Emmett ended up being sick that night--which explained why he was so difficult to win over, even though the festival was amazing.  He did have some fun moments, though, before he fell asleep with a fever.

I have always loved hot air balloons. Part of me wants to avoid the idea of having a bucket list, because I'd rather just be immortal than mortal.  But, the honest truth is that riding in a hot air balloon is something I've got to do before I die. As a Freshman in High School I remember sitting in the bleachers at a Marching Band Invitational, and there was a hot air balloon floating by and I decided that would be a fun way to be proposed to. All the boys around me thought I was just silly and crazy. Lucky for me, my husband proposed to me in the sky, in an even more romantic fashion than I had ever dreamed of, and in a way that made our OWN story (instead of in a way that included my flirtations with every boy I ever had a crush on from my Freshman year of high school thru college.) Haha! Having my name spelt out on the desert floor in Christmas lights as we flew over it in a 4 passenger airplane was a proposal that blew my mind--and I'm so glad that I had the perfect proposal and that it WASN'T in a hot air balloon, haha!

But with that being said, I would still like to go on a hot air balloon ride someday. It's still on my list of things to do. :)

P.S. Quit shaking your head at this post, Mitch. I love you for loving me even though I tell stories with tangents.