Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beautiful Brielle

This post is 4 months over due.  Gee whiz.  Time flies by so fast.  I totally feel like this just happened.  Lindsay had her baby!!!  Yay!  When she got engaged to Mike she told Tyson he could marry her daughter.  How did she know she'd have a girl first?  Crazy!  Tyson was a little tyke and on another occasion he said something like, "When I marry Lindsay's sister..."  It took me a while to figure out, but in his little mind, it made sense to him that if you have a baby girl it was called a sister.  :)  So funny.
At anyrate, everyone knows that Tyson & Brielle are allowed to marry ANYONE they fall in love with.  We were just having fun dreaming about future scenarios...just like we used to dream as kids.  There was a day we would dream about what life would be like when we were moms...and what do you know?  Now it's here!
Lindsay had her beautiful Brielle in November. 
Not only is her name gorgeous, so is her smile and darling face!

Jenny got to be Lins' post partum nurse.  So fun!  Who would have ever thought this is where we would be when we grew up?

Here's Jenny smiling by her adopted niece. :)
What's funny is that after I held Brielle for the first time, there was this little part of me that was satisfied--it's like I got a "baby girl fix".  I didn't expect that to happen. 

This is proof that my little family was there to meet Brielle--but Miles & Emmett's plans did NOT include pausing for a picture.  :) Story of my life.

Brielle's baby blessing was in January--it was a beautiful day, and she had a beautiful blessing.  And what do you know?  It's no surprise that Lindsay is a stunningly beautiful mom!  We're so happy this day is here!