Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Club House

Remember the Plague of 2012?  I'm still trying to forget it.  The pink eye, strep throat, vomiting, ear infections, 104 fevers, chronic fatigue, tummy rumbling, teething, 10+ day experience certainly left its mark.  But you know--something good actually came from that moment in time.  Grandma & Grandpa Borden SURPRISED us with a CLUBHOUSE to help us cope with our cabin fever & confinement!  On one of our miserable mornings there was an unexpected ring at the doorbell.  Grandpa Borden smiled, came in, and started putting together this cardboard house for my boys.  They immediately began decorating it, called it their clubhouse, and the fun lasted for a full month.  The boys even decorated it with Christmas lights.  We were so happy, because  Grandma & Grandpa's thoughtfulness turned some difficult mornings from something we wanted to forget into something we will always remember.   
(If you're reading this Grandma & Grandpa B:  Thanks! And we love you!!!)