Monday, February 3, 2014

The Words They Say...

I just came across a sticky note I had written several months ago.  It was night time & I was talking to Emmett about prayer and reasons we should say prayers. Tyson chimed in and took over the discussion as he hung his head over the top bunk to help persuade his little brother to say his prayers.  My notes looked like a poem to me, so I recorded it below as such.  When God hears and answers a child's prayer, it turns into serious business.

I'm Being Serious
  by Tyson

I'm being serious.
I lost my little toy car.
Said a prayer;
Found it.

I felt a little scared
Said a prayer,
And got all couraged up.

I'm being serious.
You can say a prayer -
Anytime, anywhere, any reason.

One night - probably in November or December, we had a Family Home Evening lesson about prophets.  We sang "Follow the Prophet", and clearly Tyson's persuading words sunk into Emmett's heart, because he was enthusiastic about praying this time: "Hemenly Fahver....bless us to follow the prophet and don't go astrange."
During the Christmas Break I pulled up at home with the kids at the end of a long day and they saw our Christmas lights still on, which reminded them that they had recently been to the store with their Daddy.
Tyson:  We saw some icestickle lights for sale at Home Depot!
Mom:  Icestickle?
Tyson:  Icestickles!
Emmett:  Yeah!  Icestickles are like ice cream cone horns made-ed out of snow...or maybe out of ice.
Last night Emmett was pretending to be asleep, and so I teased him while I carried him in the house from the van:
"Aw!  He's so CUTE!"
With his eyes still closed, he pretended to sleep talk with his head on my shoulder,
"You mean awesome?  Never say cute again."
Miles says a lot by his coy little smile.  He's been playing shy lately and will hide his face in his hands when someone he likes and hasn't seen for a while pays attention to my brother Heber the other day, or someone at church, or a grandparent.  He's so cute!  He also says, "Ah" for almost everything.
Hi Miles!
Do you want milk?
What about juice?
Where would you like to sit?  At the table or the counter?
Although he will say "Lalala" for Love you, and today I could tell he was trying to say "Yes"...which is a miracle, because he's REALLY skilled at saying NO - even if he means yes, but most of the time he means no. :)  And by the way, he used to put his forehead to the table when we'd say prayers over the food...yes, it was hilarious...but now he's also really adorable when he bows his head and folds his arms for prayers - such a big boy!