Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lamborghinis or Camaros

Today the boys were arguing in the car about the number concept of infinity.  Emmett says it's a number, and I pretty much agree with him.  Tyson says it's a word, and Mitch agrees with him by explaining that 'infinity' is a concept.  Both are kind of right for the way my boys use the number/concept infinity, like when Emmett told me yesterday, "Even though you love me, I know I love you more, because I love you infinity space infinity times!"  Could a mother's heart be any prouder?  I LOVE MY FOUR YEAR OLD!

At any rate, 4 year olds can't really understand the kinds of things that 6 year olds do, and plus for brotherly affection they need something to disagree on anyway, but Mitch and I couldn't handle their back-seat debate for more than a mile, because Emmett was getting upset about Tyson's intellectual retorts.  I changed the subject completely in the only brilliant way I knew how - with a debate I actually like.  

We all used to LOVE Lamborghini's.  Even my boys.  Until my nephew, Caden, told them that Camaros were better.  (WHAT?  No they're not!  But of course, the boys will choose Caden's opinion any day over Mom's.)  Until today the last monumental experience we had with Camaros happened in the Michael's parking lot on Valentine's Day. 

(Gotta love that cool, tough-guy face!)
We pulled in and Emmett spotted the Camaro from a mile away.  
 "I think that's a Camaro," he said. 
"Well, let's go check and see." 
Finding the words on the side, I thought he'd be impressed. "Look Emmett!  Let's sound this out - what does a 'c' say?  What does an 'a' say...." We read the word CAMARO.  But he wasn't convinced. 
"Hmmm...let's check the tail lights."
Running to the back of the car he sees the tail lights and nods with CONVICTION,
"YEP!  It's a Camero!!!"
Silly boy!  Apparently that's how he always identifies his favorite car - I can't tell the difference between cars with only the tail lights and I'm 29, but a 4 year old boy certainly can.  WOW!
Going back to our conversation in the car (I have to document this so I have proof when they're older).  I asked the boys, "Which one of you is going to be a super hard working and successful businessman who will have so much extra money that you'll buy me a Lamborghini when you grow up?"
They both thought for a minute without answering, and Emmett WISELY responded:
Only if you buy us a Camaro.
You got it, Buddy!  I have no problem with that! :)
Tyson said, "They're A LOT of money, so if you buy one, you can't afford a house."
"That's okay," I said, "You can live in your Camaro if you want."
Here's to dreaming about our future cars: