Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gotta Remember This....

I love my boys...they've been making me smile lately with what they say...especially because I'm expecting a baby, and because my boys are at an age where they are curious about how these things work - we have had some interesting and funny moments regarding questions about the human anatomy and the circle of life.

One of those moments (that is actually appropriate to publicly share) came just the other day.  In just a few days from now we're going to find out the gender of our 4th baby the trendy way - (much to my husband's delight, my friend offered to throw a "gender celebration" for our family, so we had to take advantage of being hip and fun people.  I do think it's important to enjoy this baby as much as the others, even if we didn't do a gender reveal with any of our 1st 3 children, haha.) :)  We do happen to live in the 21st century, so we might as well experience it to the fullest, right?

At any rate, I was explaining to my oldest that we'll invite all our family over and find out together what this baby is going to be, and I said, "When we go, we'll need to wear the color of whatever you think the baby is going to be."

And Tyson thought for a second, "Like white or brown?"

I was so confused!  "What do you mean?"

"Like white skin or brown skin?" he said as if that was the only option.

I about died laughing & then I explained to him - "Well, Son, the baby could only have brown skin, if your daddy had brown skin."

He made a face and said, "Oh...I never thought of that!"

Kids are so cute and innocent!

Emmett has a story even funnier than that - it also came out of pure innocence, and happened during a prayer, even, but it's totally inappropriate to share online.  So sorry.  That goes in my personal journal - you can read it when I am old & gray.

Emmett does happen to be entirely convinced that this next baby is a girl, and he is really mad that he's supposed to wear pink to the party if that's what he thinks.   He says he doesn't need to wear pink, but he KNOWS it's going to be a girl, and he's decided we don't need to have a gender reveal party...that way he won't have to have anything to do with the color pink.  Tyson is a better sport about wearing pink - he's also just as certain it's going to be a girl.  I'm without a doubt expecting a boy.  We'll see in just a couple days.


Miles has recently begun talking, thanks to his fabulous speech therapist, Emily.  I am amazed at the progress we've seen from him in such a short amount of time.  I'm also shocked, because suddenly he's a little person with real words that I don't expect him to say.

For example, he's always saying, "Tank Oooh, Mommy!"  or   "Tank Oooh, Daddy!"  He's so polite.  I seriously wonder where he got it from, because I don't remind him to say these things.  He used to sign it all the time, but I'm still surprised he says thank you so naturally.

In the middle of the summer, shortly after he started speech therapy, he began to refer to himself.  I only realized he was trying to say his name after he repeated it several times and pointed to himself at the same time.  He can't say the L in his name very well, so he calls himself, "Mouws".  And I'm pretty sure that his big brother, Emmett has PERMANENTLY nicknamed Miles "Mouse" because of it.  It makes us smile every time we hear that.

In the early summer,  we were at Chick-fil-a & Miles lost his shoes in the play area.  He came out looking for me & signed perfectly, "Where'd my shoes go?"  Except in ASL it looked like...SHOES-WHERE - GO?, and he had the most darling questioning facial expressions to match the signs.  A lady sitting nearby complimented him on how amazing he was at signing - she had also seen him signing other things.  Obviously after the Chick-fil-a experience, I shouldn't have been surprised this week when, he was helping me carry in groceries.  He tried to carry the toilet paper package, but it was way too heavy for his 2 foot tall little body, and he was staggering.  I told him to set it down...so he wandered back to me, and looked up at me, still holding the 12 toilet paper rolls, and so I told him again what to do.  He finally verbalized the question, "Where?"  It feels like such a break through & it's so amazing to me.  I'm grateful that he had a language to draw on from sign language before he could speak, and now that he is learning how to talk, he is more aptly able at putting all those deep thoughts he had in his head into words.  I'm also realizing that I have a very smart little boy on my hands.