Monday, October 20, 2014

October 2014

Emmett was sitting at the table explaining how our whole family was sick the other day....

"Well, three of us are sick with something.
I'm sick because I have a lot of boogers and can't breathe.
Tyson is sick because of his skin problem.
Mom is sick of the baby.
And dad is grumpy sick."

I explained to him that I'm not sick of the baby, but what I have is called, "Morning Sickness".

"Oh!  Well, Mom is "Day Sick", he says.


A couple nights ago, I was helping Tyson with his Harry Potter disease.  His arms were overly irritated from the creams, and he was picking at some flaky skin, when it started to bleed.  He felt bad and came in to me.

"I pulled at the flakes, and it was foolish of me."

I have to be sensitive to his needs so I can't giggle at his word choice when he uses words like 'foolish', but he's just so cute.  A few seconds later I was putting some Aquaphor on the dry skin behind his knees, and I asked him if he was okay.

"Yeah, that's really calming to my skin."

Foolish.  Calming.  Are these normal word choices for a 7 year old?  I think it's so cute.