Monday, October 20, 2008

Hawaii Days 2 & 3

Tuesday was beautiful. Even though the weather was stormy so it made it difficult to swim, the clouds created a gorgeous background at Sunset Beach. I'm really glad Lindsay made us pose for pictures so we could get some good ones. : )
This is my hottie-Mitch! I love that shirt!
You have no idea how hard it was for the 3 of us to pose on this incline. It looks easy, but we were almost falling backwards...the ocean was just waiting to suck us in.
Lins took us to this Thai food place...honestly, I can't remember if the name of the restaurant or the town is Hollyeiwa...but at any rate, I could finally eat with chopsticks by my last few bites! Don't ever eat next to Lins when she has chopsticks, because even though she's helpful, she's also a pro & her bites always looked better on the sticks than mine.
Small anecdote: We really were happy, but this is the point in time when my tooth began to hurt & the car had to be push-started. Thank goodness Mitch knew what a push-start even was. LOL
Lins was so awesome--she found us a place to stay within walking distance to the gorgeous Laie temple. I feel so fortunate that I had a chance to do a temple session with Mitch. My mom hasn't ever been inside & she's been to Hawaii on a few different occasions.
I must say that the temple grounds are stunning. The entire street leading up to the temple is a sight, not to mention the greenery, hedges, flowers, fountain, view of the beach, and Spirit on the temple grounds itself. We were also fortunate to have visited when we did, because the Laie temple will be closing soon for an 18 month rennovation. I hope they keep the Celestial Room the same--that was my favorite part.
Tuesday morning, we borrowed some boogie boards, and this was the sign we saw on ALL the beaches that day. Apparently it's surfer season & the inexperienced tourists might DIE. It's really not a joke, though, because we talked to Wyatt Buschschulte on the planeride home (he visited Kawaii) and the day he was on the North Shores there, 4 tourists died b/c they didn't pay attention to the signs. Mitch & I didn't mind sitting on the beach, though. Those waves were SCARY! They were 10-15 foot pipelines on the Rock Point Beach. A sight we've never seen before!