Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dirt is the BEST thing for a little boy

Tyson loves his Uncle Nick. Nick used to tease Tyson for sport, but now they play & have fun. Any time Tyson would realize that he wasn't around, his face would get an anxious expression & he would cry, "Nick! Uncle Nick! Guncle Nick! Where'd go?" He absolutely loved the truck rides & playing cars with him. I don't know about Nick, but Tyson had a blast.
Tyson with his Uncle Nick playing with trucks in the dirt.

Uncle Nick & Tyson

Tyson loved this: "Big Orn-Toad! Big! Big!" This was the largest horny toad we found. It was as large as a grown man's hand.

Brea, Caden, Megan, Jarom, Tyson, Hyrum, Cooper ready for a truck ride to see COWS and gather some pottery. Uncle Nick blasted crazy music & with a mischevious smile, took us all for a ride to see the cows & came home down an old road around the mountain--the road was about as bad as it could be & still be passable. It was so fun bouncing around in the back.

Tyson with his "two bears." One's not enough! Bed time, nap time, riding in the truck time--Tyson loves to carry his "bakek & twoo bearsh".

Tyson & Brea are only about 3 weeks apart. They had a blast putting the fire pit rocks back in the center of the pit--counterproductive? No way! They were being so nice to each other that day!

Tyson & Brea went from worst enemies to best friends. Gotta love cousins!

We made delicious cookies--nice soul patch of chocolate!

"Rock! Mommy! Rock!" We were looking for pottery--As you can see by this grin, Tyson was so proud every time he picked up a rock to add to the bag.