Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quote of the Day

It was a long morning. Tyson is having his "terrible 2" moments. He knows all the right answers of what he should do and then does the opposite when I leave the room sometimes...like hit Emmett's forehead, or rub his hands & toys across the T.V. He was clearly caught doing these things because he ended up in time out for it, but he was so sure I wasn't going to see his belligerence. (Although parenthood didn't deliver an instruction manual with each baby, it did give me an instantaneous pair of eyes for the back of my head.)

At any rate, I think his consequences finally went through. When he was in the corner for probably the 3rd time in a row, shaking his head with wide eyes, eyebrows up, head tilted to the side and looking downward, his little voice proclaimed: "Time out is not a good place to live." I had to smile at that one--he would know. I just think it's so funny that 3 minutes really does seem like an eternity to a kid, and that he really felt like he was "living" in time out for the morning. Haha. Fortunately, the day improved for the both of us as he quit living in the time out corner.