Saturday, April 10, 2010

To = For and Chiropracter Visit

I love Tyson's face in this picture, so I thought I'd post it. Easter was awesome.
Lately, Tyson has been saying the word "to" in place of the word "for". Here are some of my favorite things he's said without skipping a beat. It sounds funny, but he thinks he's saying it right...good thing we have a Tyson translator:
Easter Morning: Daddy can you open this to me?! (As heard in the vidoe below where Tyson is trying to crack open the Easter eggs by banging them on the couch)
Prayer on food: Thank you to Mommy, Thank you to Daddy, Thank you to macaroni, Thank you to beans.... (he's also done this in other prayers and said the name of everyone present in the room, like Thank you to Grandma, Thank you to Grandpa, ...Taylor, ...Heber, etc.)
My FAVORITE--after he gets in trouble for something: "Mommy will you To-Give me?!"

So I'm not a believer in cure-alls, but I heard that taking your baby to the chiropracter if they have cholic might help them. Emmett is not a bad baby in the slightest, but he screams after he has regular baby formula, and he spits up like crazy all the time when I use the formula for sensitive babies. At any rate, I called the chiropracter & he said he'd only charge me $10 if my baby needed adjusting. I thought, "Well, heck! For only $10, I'll try it!" Before the doc adjusted him, he checked his feet of course, and they were off by almost an ENTIRE INCH! I couldn't believe it. For such a small baby, an inch is proportionately more drastic than for an adult, and I was happy I took him in. The question you're all wondering is if it helped. The answer is that I don't really think so, but at least he's in alignment now. Maybe it has, but I haven't experimented with all of the diff. types of formula again, yet, like the regular formula--I haven't been shopping. With the sensitive formula, of course he still spits up, but it's not always in as large quantities as it had been.