Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sometimes You Just Need to Blow Stuff Up

Let me start off this post by telling you some of the ways my life has already improved since yesterday. : )

  1. Within half a day of my post...less than 12 hours, I had 3 separate friends contact me and ask if I'd like to use their extra flat iron. I am simply amazed at how thoughtful and wonderful my friends are...not to mention the fact that you all cared enough to even read up to that point in my ridiculously long rampage of a blog. Thanks to thoughtful friends, my hair was presentable at Church today. I love you!
  2. My entire family went and did baptisms for the dead last night at the temple. It was awesome. Taylor was the only one who couldn't make it, and it was such a rejuivenating experience to be there with all of them. We ended up being at the temple twice as long as we had planned because apparently the baptistry is hopping on Saturday evenings. Despite the 4 hour trip to the temple, my baby-sitter refused to let me pay her. Bless her soul! I really don't think she fully understands what that meant to me that she would do service because I was doing service. I hope someday a sweet little bee-hive will return the favor to her when she has kids, so she can experience what it really means. Also, at Church today, both of my boys slept through all of Sacrament Meeting, so Mitch & I could enjoy all of the talks--AMAZING!
  3. Mitch took me on a date yesterday morning & we went to blow stuff up! THERAPUTIC!
I believe that the .22 is my favorite. It's like a glorified BB gun. Small bullets, fun to shoot, little kick. I'm so glad Mitch bought "me" that for Christmas the first year we were married.
The girls...Sarah, Amber, Deej...............You know what I loved most about Amber, yesterday? The green streaks in her hair. She's the type of person you would never expect to have crazy colors in their hair, and it was awesome.

Boys will be boys...Mitch printed off a charging rhino for a target. It was hilarious!

No, we didn't shoot at this cactus. I just took a picture of it, because when we drove past, it moved me. I don't know what it is about this cactus, but I love it. The world is a glorious place...even the desert has it's own beauty. Glad I live here.
Other good improvements in my life since yesterday:
  • No more need for pain pills. My tooth is doing better
  • After a week and a half, Mitch got my car running again, yesterday afternoon
  • Things with our truck are going to work out
  • I have other thoughtful friends who have made my life better via email, coversation, text
Just a Note: I didn't mean to make anyone who has had to use welfare before feel badly about themselves by sharing my thoughts on it. I think our government system has a flawed welfare program--way too easy to get in, and people are allowed to stay in it for way too long. I believe the Church's welfare program is a better system that helps people take care of each other and get to a place where they can take care of their own. I don't think anyone who has had to have assistance should feel poorly about themselves if they use it as a temporary tool to get back on their feet. I have just been astounded in certain coversations lately and just wish more people in my generation would take more pride in building their own American Dream instead of believing it's the government's job to provide for them.