Friday, June 18, 2010

Atta Boy, Hebes!

Did you know that only 3 % of Boy Scouts make it to the rank of Eagle Scout?
Incredible! Well, today, my brother, Heber, completed his project that will catapult him into the top 3% who rightfully earned that status. Atta Boy, Hebes!

We all had a great time helping out. Mitch was in charge of the sprayer & painting. I helped pull weeds and chase after the babies. Emmett ate dirt--I'm not joking, and it happened every single time I wasn't looking--I'm talking clods of deep, dark, mulchy soil. As for Tyson, well--he ran through the sprinklers, pulled a few weeds--asked a lot of questions trying to understand the difference between plants and weeds, he ate a couple of donuts, and he tried to help Daddy loosen the bolts on the bench to paint behind it.

He's so cute! Can you see the chocolate on the side of his face from his donut?

At Coronado Elementary School in the Higley School District, the front portion of the school needed to be painted due to erosion from the elements, and 21 bogenvillas needed to be planted into the ground. I'm not going to lie--it was a TON of work. However, this amazing group of studly kids showed up and we knocked out the project in a "few" hours. Heber has been working hard on earning his badges and awards. This project gave him a run for his money, yesterday. I don't think he'll mind if I say that he came to a point where he was staring at defeat with his Eagle Project, yesterday, and what's fantastic is that Heber stared in the face of defeat and CONQUERED! He definitely deserved to see the fruits of his labors this morning after laboring for hours and hours in the last several weeks to make this goal a reality. I am happy for him, and I love him! What a fantastic younger brother!

I'm glad that I took my baby boys with me to the project. I am so grateful that I have the chance to teach my children when they are young about service. I hope that they will grow up with a desire to serve others.

I also hope that these adorable little boys will follow in the footsteps of their amazing Daddy and Uncles so that one day they can sit in an Eagle's Nest, too, and remember the days of service where they learned how to do a good turn daily, finish what they started, and gain a life-long desire to stay physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.